Today I had my first ultrasound! Here is a picture of our little peanut.

Sorry it’s a picture of a picture, but hey there’s the baby! It made everything seem much more real. Today the doctor’s seemed a little confused as to why I was there. Apparently an ultrasound this early in the game is ony for ladies who aren’t sure about their conception date. Um…I have charts, I’m sure. And yup…I was right. So we are definitly due Feb 4 of 2009.

Everything is great with the baby and with me! I’m feeling ok…just nauseous from time to time. Nothing like my girl friends who hug the porcelein throne for 9 months straight!

On another note, we took Cooper to see his first “moving picture” on Saturday. He saw Wall-E! He loved the movie and was hilarious the whole time. Here’s a few pics of the special occasion.

After the movie Cooper told us he was sad to leave the theatre because he would miss Wall-E! It was a super cute movie and Disney/Pixar really did a great job with it. It was the perfect movie for little C.

Jer is currently at the airport picking up our second round of visitors for the year! Jeremy’s Mom, Marsha, and our niece, Ashlynn, will be in town for the next week and a half. We are excited to have them here! I may be a bit scarce for a while but I’ll try and get pictures up as we go!

2 thoughts on “First Pictures

  1. Congrats on the baby pic! It has the cutest little yolk sac! That’s what I said when I saw my picture 🙂

    Anwyay! Glad to see all is well.

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