Saturday afternoon we were a bit bored, so we grabbed the fishing stuff and went to one of the lakes on post. Jeremy and Cooper caught this little guy! Isn’t he cute? Cooper was pretty excited about the whole gig until Jer reeled the fish in; to which Cooper exclaimed “AH! Poor little guy!”. What a sweetie. He was scared of the fish and wouldn’t touch it till Mommy touched it. That’s power kids…Mom power.

As always, check the flickr site by clicking here to see more pics of our recent fun times!

2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Fishermen

  1. Beautiful picture on the header! Unless they look at your flickr site, people probably don’t realize that you took that picture and that’s what it really looks like on Post! We saw it at least once (maybe 2-3 times) like that when I was out last year. It’s AMAZING!!!!!

    Love you….can’t wait to see you… only 3 more days and then, as Ashlynn says, “we take off in the plane” !!!! Very excited!

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