Today, I had my OB Orientation at the Family Clinic at Madigan Army Hospital. This is my first experience with Army medicine (pregnant, anyways) and it’s definitely all new to me. I was actually really pleased with everything today; from the level of care to the kindness of the doctors, nurses and staff. I can honestly say I was pretty impressed! (Though I think you should get a book on this stuff when you join the Army because everything is different and you always seem to end up feeling like a moron.)

I chose the Family Clinic because I REALLY didn’t want to have a different doctor every time I had an appointment. I want to be able to trust and know my doctor throughout this pregnancy…which I think is both reasonable and what any momma-to-be would want. (That was a major goal for me only because I’ve heard stories.) So that is a check off my list. I don’t have to call a 1-800 number to schedule my appointments, I just call the clinic directly! That may sound dumb, but it means a lot to have more personalized care.  I have names and numbers and I get to see and know the same person -yippie!

The appointment today lasted about an hour and boy, did I ever forget all the paperwork and tests they want to run on you when you are prego! I decided to turn down both the HIV test and the genetic testing…somehow I just don’t feel it’s necessary..he he he. Especially since the genetic test could give you false positives…no thanks! During my consult with the nurse practitioner, I got presents! You know…all the usual stuff you get when you leave the hospital?…I got it now. So a diaper bag (with a super cute changing pad) and all kinds of samples, samples, samples. That’s always fun…even though I’ll have to purchase a tres chic bag once we find out whether this bambino is a girl or a boy!

Then…the yuck came after my orientation. I had to go back to THE LAB for MORE blood work. Only this time…they took the 9+ viles of blood. It didn’t fare well. I gave the kids in the lab a bit of a spook. I had the same gal as last time and told her the same schpiel: “I don’t do this well”. But then this Colonel walked in and walked over to me asking if I’m ok…because he said I did not look ok. I wasn’t. I slowly went down hill. Somewhere in there they got my sissie self to a reclining chair, threw ice packs on my head and my neck and got a fan on me. Then this other doctor came in very concerned and I just apologized, apologized, apologized. They asked me if I ate today… Of course I did…I’m pregnant. I couldn’t have gotten through the car ride to the hospital without food! HA!

Anyway, it was all over and done with pretty quick. Afterwards I STILL had to go “void” in a cup. (Can you belive that Julie Ross? They took my blood AND my pee? You’re kidding right?) I saw myself in the mirror when I was washing my hands and whew…I looked as white as a ghost. I can only imagine what I looked like as I was going down! HA!

Oh well, everyone needs something to talk about at the end of the day right? I was glad to be of service. So I go back on the 1st for an ultrasound (which will be fun to hear the baby’s heartbeat) and more tests and then I go back again on the 15th for more tests. Sheesh. Pregnant ladies are such lab rats.

3 thoughts on “1st OB Appointment!

  1. too fun tiff!!! i’m so excited for you guys!!! wow…you had quite the experience. glad you felt better quickly!
    congrats again!!!
    lots of love and a hug…

  2. Aww, I’m so sorry, that’s no fun at all! They should have given you a Twinkie if they were gonna take that much! And seriously, making you bleed and pee?! Sheesh.

  3. Hey Tiffany! How exciting that you’re expecting! I’ll be interested in hearing how the on post doctor stuff goes. I’ll be in that boat in Sept. Congratulations!

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