We did it. Sure, it was only two weeks, but we did it! Jeremy comes home TOMORROW and I can honestly say that this two week gig was easy-peasy. No problem. Coop was great. Even though our parenting study reminds us that these little ones are NOT our buddies…..he’s so my buddy! We had a blast together pal-ing around. I can say that I deeply treasure our time together. He’s so great! (Remind me of this on the next day I want to send him to China.)

My friend Stephanie-also an Army wife-and I talk a lot about impending deployement and how we’ll do with the guys gone. And while 2 weeks (I should really say 3 weeks because he was gone every single night the week before they actually left for Yakima) does not even come close to one whole year-365 days-without our most favorite person in the whole-wide-world in our life, these little victories make me feel confident…like we can do it!

If I was alone and without a community (both church friends and Army friends) this would be a different story. Oh and if I was working outside the home…BLAH! (Only because I couldn’t handle that stress, especially with another baby on the way AND my husband gone…no thank you. I admire all you girls that grind it week by week though-YOU ROCK. )That would be just awful! But God has been so amazing about knitting together this wonderful and special group of friends and comrades. Yay Jesus!

It reminds me how imperative a support structure, a community, is for each of us. I remember still too clearly how rough it was when Jeremy left for basic. But I think God has done a mighty work and deeply grown both Cooper and I (and even Jeremy) to be better ready to depend on Him to move through the times when we don’t get to be together. And I’ve also learned that a little planning is always good too. Going into an absense from a family member is not something to be entered into lightly or willie-nillie. Walked that road…learned that lesson!

Let’s see….more updates…I’m now a couple of days away from being 7 weeks pregnant and the nauseousness has really kicked into high gear. I am learning to push through it, learning to grab toast or a couple crackers, and that I need to keep my water bottle with me. I’m really, really, super-dee-duper thankful that it takes a little while to show. I can still fit in all my clothes and I will seriously lament the day that joy passes….sigh. In the mean time, I probably should drag out the maternity clothes and see what is still worth wearing. I think my style tastes have changed so I’m thrilled to know my friend Crystal has a bunch of stuff I can borrow. Shari…I already have my eye on those jeans girl….HA! And let’s not forget that Ann Taylor loft has maternity clothes! WOOT!

I finally called Madigan (the hospital here on post that we go through for all things medicinal) and asked for an appointment for a new pregnancy…but…I have to do this thing that I would just like to stamp my foot and huff and puff about even though it’s not the end of the world. (Army medical and healthcare is so freakin’ archaic!) I have to go to the lab and get a blood test first. And then, and only then, when the lab has confirmed a positive blood pregnancy test, then I can have an appointment. Grrr….why can’t I just pee in a cup? (ohh…yeah, google should love that phrase for my blog) I’m going to have to do it every single stinkin time I go anyway, so what’s the difference?

Plus, there is this tiny, little thing that I don’t like about myself…yet I’ve accepted that I can’t change. I don’t do blood. Nope…I pass out. I kid you not…my sister does it too.  The nurses never believe us…When Jer came home from getting his wisdom teeth taken out, he had these bloody (really bloody) guaze things in his mouth…and when he spit them out..oh I already feel whoozy…I had to leave the room. I held it togehter but I felt dizzy and hot and started feeling light headed. So getting the blood test is not fun for me. If I don’t watch them do it or look at the blood I should be ok. But I don’t know. I know I’m a huge sissie-that’s ok. I’m strong with other stuff…just not blood. So Jer is off work Monday and Tuesday (YIPPIE!) and I’ll probably go in one of those days when he can drive me just in case.

Steph and I went to IKEA yesterday (I so love living in a town where that place is just a little drive away) and I found tons of cute baby stuff. It’ll be fun to find out what this baby is and go ga-ga over it.

Well, So You Think You Can Dance is coming on in just a minute and I’ve already had my chai tea this evening.  Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Little Victories & Weaknesses

  1. Miss you. Especially after I read Jeremy’s post about how he found out y’all were pregnant, and it made me miss you even more. You’re the best! 🙂

  2. Reading your post today was so funny since every time I had to go to my OB and pee in a cup I ask why they can’t just take my blood. I’d so rather have a stick!

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