I know it is a little ways off, but Coop’s birthday is at the end of July. I just picked up last month’s issue of Parent’s Magazine (thank you dollar store, for carrying old magazines for super cheap) and they featured a birthday section, which helped me remember that I need to figure this gig out. The article wasn’t as helpful as I hoped it would be….though, I did find my new favorite kids website…like forget pottery barn kids!

Honestly, last year Cooper’s birthday was a disaster. I felt so bad for him. We had just moved into our house 1 week before, (boxes still everywhere) we spent the majority of the day in the Emergency Room because Jer sliced open his thumb cutting 2 arteries, and we ended up with a hodge podge birthday party of Army guys and our one friend we had made with the Metcalfe family! I felt like the worst mom ever. No invitations, only one friend his age (and his cousin was here too) the poor little guy! We did the best we could and I know that, but it is really important to me to do better this year. I know Coop won’t remember a ton, but birthdays are special to me and they should reflect that value.

So this year, I want to go all out (though not break the bank…think inexpensive fun for a three year old. I don’t do blow up toys etc!). I do want invitations and party hats, friends and a fun cake and party games! It won’t be a big huge party…just a couple friends. But I’m thinking trains…this is where you girls come in… I need ideas. I don’t necessarily want to do Thomas. I would prefer to keep it just trains in general. I’ve got cute favor ideas (but would love more) and I think I’ve got the cake figured out…but what about games? Any ideas ladies?

And since you are sharing with me, here are the things from the magazine article I thought were cute ideas:

* Put your child’s face on the invitation. Have him/her hold a sign that says “it’s my birthday!”
* Set up a craft table and have each guest decorate a card for your child’s future birthdays. Every year, the child can open a card that was made at the party.
* For a first birthday, serve dessert in recycled baby-food jars-think chocolate mousse, ice cream etc.
* For give-a-ways, fill a sandwhich baggie with jelly beans and tie it tightly. Place the baggie closure side down in a paper cup cut in half, then glue a red pom-pom to the top for cupcake goodies.
*Give away cloth drawstring goody bags
*Make a backyard bowling alley. Add a few drops of food coloring to ten clear plastic bottles of water. Stand them up on flat ground, use party streamers as lane margins and sidewalk chalk for keeping score!
*Create a unique birthday seat. Buy an inexpensive children’s chair, and every year on your child’s birthday, family members and friends can decorate it with notes, drawings, and stickers.


2 thoughts on “Birthday on the Brain…

  1. We had a train party for Hunter’s 4th birthday and it was a ton of fun. Of course you know that we go all out, but we actually found a guy that rents little trains. It is called David’s Party Trains and he has a website that you can check out. He is a cute little grandpa that just loves trains and actually rents things for very reasonalbe. On the less expensive side, I made lots of Railroad crossing signs and put them up all over the yard, which were cute decorations and made great picture spots. I also got Hunter an Engineer hat for the Birthday boy, ( I will try to find it, you are welcome to borrow it for Cooper) I also have two different train cake pans, one is the 3D engine, that you can make into a full train easily with candy on the cars. The other is a flat cake with a train on it that you have to pipe in. You are welcome to borrow either one of those too. You can check out any of my pictures from that party too. Let me know girl. Have fun!

  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself!!!!! It was definitely an interesting day, but I think you did great with what you had to work with, moving, emergency room, etc. The cake was absolutely amazing (for those who haven’t seen it go back in the flickr site)!!!!!!!! He had fun gifts to open on his birthday and got some fun things at the party. Most of the boxes were out of the way and everyone knew you had just moved. I think they were pretty impressed that there weren’t more boxes! You did great and I think Cooper had a really good time (for what he’ll remember…he was just 2)

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