Green has always been one of my favorite colors…but today, I actually went green!

Living in the Pacific Northwest, you notice stuff. I wish I could say that Velvet Elvis changed my perspective on things…but it was just one in a series of things. It sounds awful…but I’ll confess that when I think of being a good steward of the things God has given me/us/, I tend to leave “the Earth” out of that. Isn’t that awful?


So lately…I’ve tried to be a bit more conscious. I pick up trash when I see it on the ground (usually), and now as of today, I use my own cloth grocery bags. I must admit I also feel cool now. The commissary (A.K.A. grocery store on Army posts) had these for sale for $.70 each and I figured it was a steal of a deal. Now I’ll have to remember to throw them in the truck after I use them so I don’t get stuck at the store without them!


3 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. I’ve been using those types of bags also. They are really great! Dierbergs had them ($1.00/bag) and they have a squared off bottom so they are easy to fill. It is a problem to remember to put them in the car (and for us, which car) for when we might decide to stop at the store! Love it!

  2. the McGill’s went green about 6 months ago…I must admit I was being a tad selfish. I love that you can fit so many groceries in the bad, meaning less trips to the car. Although I only remember to use them about half the time…

  3. Tiffany I use these bags also. Just keep them in my Jeep and take them into the store with me. It was hard to get use to grabbing them and I’ve noticed the baggers are having trouble getting use to using them! But what a deal I got buy 4 get one free. Great deal. Love ya

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