This pic is for you Deb Roquet! 

Cooper loves berries…blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are the ultimate for him. I think he’d even pass up chocolate for a bowl full of berries. Thank goodness we live in Washington so that we can eat these tasty treats all summer long. Who needs popcorn when you could snack on berries?

Last night we had pizza for dinner (and some fruit) and this is what Cooper discovered he could do with raspberries. That’s always a good time!!

The week DID get better after my terrible, awful, no-good, horrible, day…he he he…(thank you Alexander) The next day was actually a lot of fun; I met a girlfriend for lunch and finished the blue stripe in Cooper’s room with the Wall-Pops (I’ll have to show a picture of that later). Cooper caught a little bug this weekend, so we didn’t do too much after that.

I was refreshed by a mommy-only morning and afternoon on Saturday; it was much needed. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you need something ’til you get it! I went to breakfast with a bunch of Army wives (the 3rd platoon dirty pirate wives to be exact!) and then afterwards I went to Target. I was there for 3 hours; it was glorious! I loaded my cart full of clothes and spent tons of time trying stuff on. I’m here to tell you that nothing trumps being able to roam Target without anyone bugging you about having to go potty, being hungry, being bored or just needing a nap. Did I mention it was glorious?

Jer is here for one more week, then he’s off to Yakima for two weeks! I know the first 4 days will be the worst, just because Cooper will remind me constantly of how much he misses his daddy. But after that, we’ll be ok. We plan to be busy! Gotta keep us moving! Since all the guys will be gone, I’m sure the Army wives will get together several times for dinner and playdates.

In other fun news, our housing area, (Greenwood) is about to get a whole lot happier tomorrow! I think out of the 10 families that live in these two facing units, about half of the guys are deployed and half are home. Well that all changes tomorrow when 4th Brigade comes home from Iraq! All the wives have gotten their hair done and are anxiously awaiting their husbands returning. It’s been a blast talking with everyone because they are so incredibly excited. This, of course, also means a lot of people will be moving over the summer though. Which is a bummer because I have really enjoyed getting to know my neighbors more and more. Yesterday I was at my front door and saw my neighbor across the courtyard at her front door. We opened our doors and talked/yelled across the courtyard! It was so fun!


3 thoughts on “Berries, Shopping and Celebrations

  1. Can I send my boys to you to get them to like berries? They drive me crazy with their distaste for them. Cute picture of Cooper!

    I’d love to see the wall pops wall.

    Just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog…such a different perspective, being in the Army, and you have such a positive attitude.


  2. I love the photo!! When we visit the Pacific Northwest in July, Cooper and I will load up our fingers and thoroughly enjoy the raspberries–no chocolate for us!
    Did Bruce tell you that we are on a 30th anniversary adventure in your territory? We will set up a time to see you all, for sure!
    Love you,

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