Looking Back and Looking Forward…

I probably blog about all that’s gone on in our lives the last 2 years a lot. I guess it is because Jeremy and I are so struck by where God has taken us and all that we have been through. We have this conversation, or some semblance of it, on a regular basis. It’s the, “wow, look what God has done” talk. (Probably because there are little things that pop up now and again from that 2-year period. We had a “get out of dodge” thing going on and some things were left undone as we scrambled to move across the country.)  It seems like we meander back and forth between that conversation and the “what’s He doing in the future” talk. It’s the fun part though!

Last night, we were driving home from hanging out with some friends and we got to that same topic as we discussed the future and what it holds for us. We have a little “content meter” where we talk about was this the “right” decision looking back at it from where we stand today. What have we learned and how have we subsequently changed because of all those mistakes we made.  Then we talked about all that could happen in the next couple of years and how that could potentially impact us later.

We both agreed that although it seems to have had a lot of downs, we think this time in our lives is so fun! It’s like each moment is hanging upon the next and how things will play out. We’ve got so much going on around here, and yet, day-to-day accounts show that it’s just life as usual. It’s the same stuff we all go through!

It’s interesting when you have something before you that looks hard or difficult or insane and impossible to conquer. Then all the sudden you look back, and it’s behind you. You may not remember everything that happened as you passed through that tough time, sometimes our hearts seeem to protect us from remembering the pain (while other times they protect us by reminding us of the pain), but you get an overwhelming sense of faith and gratefullness swelling up inside you….and then the next big thing is looming. What a cycle!

As you can see, I’m a bit pensive today. Jeremy and I have enjoyed talking and dreaming lately. We’re dreaming of houses with big backyards equipped with tree houses and swing sets and slides, of puppy kisses, of babies, of jobs, of relationships with families and friends.  Looking at lessons learned and dreaming of what the future holds; full of faith and enjoying that pretty, quiet, spring garden.

P.S. I’m feeling much better as the tyranical grip of my cold is loosening…HA HA! My immune system SHALL triumph afterall! Thanks for letting me gripe on Tuesday-I rested on Wednesday and the end is in sight!


It’s Tuesday?

I know, it’s Tuesday. But….sheesh…I can’t think of a top 10. Nope…not this week. So maybe I could do Top 10 Reasons I can’t think of a Top 10 for this Tuesday! EUREKA!

1. I’m sick. I don’t know if it’s allergies or an actual virus, but whatever it is, it has taken my voice away. My throat is so itchy I wish I could just stick something down there and give it a good scratch. Plus, I’m coughing so hard because of said itchy throat that I’m pretty sure my lungs may just come with the next cough. (and my bladder can’t take that kind of pressure!) I’m sick of being sick..it should really go away now. I can’t read Cooper stories at night, I can’t talk on the phone,…BLAH!
2. This morning was nuts. Today was the last M.O.P.’s of the season (it was SO FUN!). I was supposed to bring a plethora of punch…so I jumped the gun and made it last night. But then as I was making said punch I realized I didn’t have enough containers to um…contain the punch. (It made A LOT) And then when I managed to find a few things I could use, (including an old Brita pitcher I retired for the bigger one) I realized I was going to have to TRANSPORT all those swashing buckets of punch. Then today, when we were loading the swashing buckets of punch, they swashed all over my floor and made my entire kitchen a sticky tape runway. EW! The punch was crazy good though…let me know if you want the recipe.
3. I’m sad for my hubby. He had all 4 wisdom teeth removed last Thursday and he STILL cannot eat without being in mind-numbing pain. 2 of his teeth were impacted and the doctors actually opened up his sinus cavity taking one tooth out (because it was so long!). The poor guy has been living off of scrambled eggs, smoothies, mashed potatoes, oatmeal/cream of wheat and ice cream. He’s not thrilled these days and it’s hard to participate in family dinner when he can’t eat anything that requires chewing.
4. After a crazy morning, I kinda feel like being a lazy bum. I have PLENTY of things that need to get done, but I just feel like being lazy. I don’t know that I’m even wanting a nap, (see reason #1-everytime I lay down, more coughing) just laziness.
5.  My mind is wrapped up in the phone calls I need to make…but…..see #1.
6.  Technically, my blog is updated. I posted on Saturday and not enough has happened to give me a fun top 10 for this week.
7.  I’ve got more topics rolling around in my head than a bag of marbles spilled onto the floor! Like, Top 10 weird sounds coming from my neighbors house, Top 10 reasons it stinks to lose your voice, Top 10 reasons high gas prices stink, Top 10 reasons I love Mothers of Preschoolers, Top 10 things I’ve learned from my M.O.P.s group…you get the picture…
8.  I really need to clean my kitchen floor…did I mention it’s sticky? Think fly paper sticky…..
9.  I really need to clean the bathroom…oh! There’s another one! Top 10 reasons it stinks to have 1 bathroom in your house.

And the Number 10 Reason Why I can’t Think of Anything for this Week’s Top 10 Tuesday…….

10.  I’m lazy.

Join me next week when I actually have a Top 10 worth your 10 minutes!