Whoo-Hoo! Summer finally made it to good old Washington today! It is currently 91 degrees outside! OH BABY! Jeremy commented today that, in St. Louis, you go inside to beat the heat; but in Washington, you go OUTSIDE to beat the heat! HA!

Today is Armed Forces Day and there is all sorts of fun going on here at Ft. Lewis. We went up to the stadium today to check out a few events; got to sit in a Stryker (that’s the pic of me and Coop above) and play with stuff inside it! We met up with some friends and walked around enjoying all the stuff there is to see. But this heat was smoking us and it is nap time. So, I thought I throw a little update on here and maybe a couple of pictures. Hope everyone is doing good! Tomorrow’s high is only 72…so that’ll be a perfect day. Break out the shorts and the swimsuits-YAY!!!


Special Forces guys jump out of these Chinook Helicopters all the time. This one was flying over and eventually dropped some guys out.

Jeremy and Cooper in the back of a Stryker



Nevils in the Stryker

I call this shot Cooper-Trooper! HA!

Go to the Flickr site for more pics!









One thought on “Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot!

  1. Oh, you poor delusional thing you! I’m so sorry to have to break it to you – summer isn’t here yet. OK, we’ve had our first hot weekend but that’s just a tease. A Washington summer is a coy and fickle thing, there will be many teases before summer settles in for good. 😉

    Love your Top Ten, BTW!

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