It’s that time again! Time for top 10 Tuesday. This week, I’m thinking of the top 10 things I’m excited about for this particular summer. I know I wrote about all the things I love about summer in general a little while ago, but this is specifically things I’m looking forward to this summer here in Washington:

1.  Tall Ships in the port of Tacoma over 4th of July. We’ve never been to this, so I’m not sure what to expect. But it looks like a total blast. Last year the weather was great so hopefully this year will be good too!
2.  The Lavender Festival in Sequim. I’ve never been to this either, but I’m hoping I can get there this year. Our friend’s the Roquet’s love this and say it’s a must-do in Seattle. (and maybe we will get to do it with you guys!)
3.  The Blackberry Festival in Bremerton. We went to this last year with Jeremy’s brother Justin (a.k.a. Uncle Chub) and his wife, Jen and our niece Cora. It wasn’t fabulous or huge, but it was A LOT of fun. This year I’m buying the blackberry wine they sell!
4.  Going to Pike Place Market again. We went there so much last year we were a bit sick of it. And then it was WAY cold here and since it is mostly outdoors…that wasn’t fun either. Cold AND wet? So, I’m looking forward to going back. And specifically, I’m looking forward to seeing all the fresh cut flower bouquets and fresh fruits. Here’s a couple pics of last year’s fun to show you what I mean.

5. Opening all my windows and revelling in our lack of AC. When I first heard people here don’t have air conditioning….that even NEW houses being built don’t have it…I was shocked. I thought…these people are nuts! But, last summer wasn’t bad and I can actually say I really enjoyed having the windows open. Our house is an old brick building with the roll-out cottage style windows and when the breeze blows through the house it is just magical and lovely! (especially when it catches the white curtains)
6.  A slew of visitors (hopefully!). Last summer, we moved into our house the second week of July and had visitors from out of town every day from then until mid-September. IT WAS AWESOME! (And my house did eventually come together-thanks moms and dads!) So this year, I am excited for people to come back and explore Washington with us (and see my put-together house). Plus, we miss our family and friends and it’s fun to share stuff you love with people you love. So far the Roquet’s and Grandma Morbelli and Ashlynn are coming…anybody else going to venture our way? Ppppppllleeeeaaaasssseeeeeee?
7.  Peach Pie, Rasberry Pie, Blackberry Pie, and Blueberry Pie…’Nuf said?  The fresh fruit out here is AMAZING. (See #8 ) I love making pies with it because it is so abundant and cheap and beautiful and fresh and oh …I want pie!
8.  Farmer’s Markets. Out here in Washington, the market isn’t just a place you go for food to buy, it’s an experience! The vendors there sell AMAZING stuff. 2 weeks ago, Jeremy bought me a BEAUTIFUL pair of Jasper earrings for only $12! I love the market! They have hand made toys and so many fun and neat and unique things. For you St. Louis types,…I liken it to the Festival of the Little Hills every Saturday all summer long! WOOT!
 9.  Pattypan Squash (that’s a pic of some). I never had the stuff until we moved here, but it is one of my absolute FAVORITE things to eat in the summer (or anytime but that’s the only time I can find it). They never have it at the commissary, but they ALWAYS have it at Pike’s.. It’s so good when you steam it on the grill…OMN (oh my nellie).
10.  Heading up to Mt. Rainier again and maybe…maybe going on a hike through the meadows. We’ve been up there and only had good weather 1 time (we’ve been 3 times). I’m hoping to get back and have great weather and go on a little walk. Here’s a couple pics from last year. (BTW, people have commented that these pics look fake…but it’s just really THAT gorgeous up there.) Maybe we could even get a chance to camp up there! FUN!


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Summer in Washington

  1. There are way more things you need to do in Washington then that! Ha ha, Let me know if you need to know of some more. Being here all my life, I know of a ton! Over Memorial Weekend we are heading to Winthrop and the North Cascades highway. Check it out, it is amazing. Also when you are in Sequim, you have to go to the game farm. It is an experience that you will never forget!

  2. Thank you for listing Tall Ships Tacoma as number one on your list. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

    Joe Jadwin, President
    Tacoma Tall Ships Organization

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