Hey everybody! Aren’t those cute cupcakes? I thought I’d throw the picture up because I was really proud of them. Our Family Readiness Group makes cupcakes for single soldiers on their birthday since they are away from home and don’t have anyone to celebrate with (in a non-alcoholic format anyway). I really enjoy volunteering for it, but mostly for selfish reasons!

I’ve been trying to perfect a cupcake/chocolate cake recipe and it’s been tricky. Plus, in my opinion, it’s hard to make cupcakes look cute. So this is practice for me.  For this batch, the Captain said they looked professional. Too bad I cheated and used store-bought frosting *GASP*. And too bad they were pink…kind of girly huh? He he he he….oh well.

This has been one of those quiet weeks; nothing going on and not a lot ahead of us. It’s on odd week because usually I have M.O.P.s every other Tuesday, but April has an extra Tuesday in there. It’s kind of weird to have things moving so slow, but it’s nice. Next week will pick back up again.

May will be a welcomed change in weather around here. I know I gripe about it a lot, but it’s killer how much I miss the sun. Not because it doesn’t shine; but mostly beause it isn’t intensly warm. Seasons are slow to change out west and it’s been hard to get used to. It’s a far cry from snow one day and then high 80’s the next like in St. louis! HA HA HA HA! My mind sees the sunshine and thinks it’s warm, but nope…it’s barely 50 outside. I’m ready to shed my sweaters and my closed-toe shoes….I know it’ll come soon.

Next week, Jeremy has this thing that’s called something like I-Corps Pride Week. (That means infantry) They (the infantrymen) are having competitions in marksmanship, running, combatives (which is like wrestling), weightlifting, etc, and the families can watch. Our FRG is doing some snack fundraisers a couple days next week; so that’ll be fun to help with. Then we’re having a potluck BBQ on Thursday, probably just with our company. Jeremy is actually participating in the marksmanship competition. I think he’s really excited. He’s a pretty good shot actually. (Of course, he DOES have his expert marskmanship badge and his expert infantry badge.)

Plus, for me, M.O.P.s starts up again on Tuesday, not to mention all the usual stuff like Coop’s gymnastics class. Did I mention that yet? Grandma Richards sponsored Cooper for a gymnastics class. It’s been great to see him trying it. I never would have realized how much children learn from an organized and structured class environment if we wouldn’t have tried this class. It’s pretty great to watch him learn to challenge himself and his own strength and stamina. Last week he wasn’t getting something right in his class and the teacher and I kept trying to correct him. He wailed, “It’s too hard! I can’t do it!” at me. I laughed so hard. It was hopping like a frog from one end of a matt to the other. It was a treasured moment. (Then I told him yes you can, keep trying.)

My heart is anticipating all the fun things that come with the slooooooowly approaching summer out here; festivals and parades, etc. I’ll be home in June for a couple weeks and that should give me my heat fix, he he he, and Cooper his Grandparents and cousins fix. It’s still hard to explain to a 2 & a 1/2 year old the concept of long-distances.

Well, I could Hem & Hah with you guys a bit more but I have some FRG stuff to do! TTFN…


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