This weekend, we got out and about a bit with Mr. C. It was good times! A model train show was held at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. Cooper really likes trains (and anything else that moves), so we thought he’d really enjoy the show.

We told him about the show on Monday…which was probably a mistake. He asked us every day, multiple times a day, if we were going to the train show today. So Friday, when we told him that the train show was TOMORROW, the anticipation was more than he could handle. He couldn’t fall asleep. (We thought of that cute kid on the Disney commercials who says “we’re too excited to sleep!”) This situation would have been really annoying if it wasn’t the first time we experienced this with him and if he wasn’t so stinking cute. Once he finally did fall asleep, I laughed and told Jeremy that Coop would probably wake up at the crack of dawn ready to go to the train show.

….and he did. At 6:00 am I felt little eyes starring at me (which is always creepy) and heard little kid breaths as he eagerly stood next to our bed. Then I heard in a high pitched whisper, “Moooooooommmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy! I’m ready to go to the traiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn showwwww!”

I told him the trains weren’t ready and it wasn’t time to get up yet. Much to no avail…He just squirmed in bed with us until I finally gave up 45 minutes later and made some coffee.

We also told him we would be going to Gertie’s for breakfast. To Cooper, Gertie’s is “the green place” because the building is painted a teal green. But since pancakes and sausage are high on his list of favorite foods to eat, we knew he’d be excited about the stop. If those of you who live out this way haven’t stopped in to eat there, we highly recommend it-for breakfast anyway. (Only because we haven’t tried anything else!) He was very affectionate while we ate breakfast and kept hugging and kissing both of us. I think he was pretty excited!

For this occasion, we dressed Cooper in his Thomas the Train overalls (thanks Amy!) and he wore his new Thomas the Train watch that he got from G-ma and G-pa Richards. Jeremy said he was borderline nerd in the outfit, so he fixed Cooper’s hair in a faux hawk so he’d be less dorky…I just said he’s a little kid-not a nerd or a dork. You can see pictures of all our fun and Cooper’s cuteness on the flickr site.

Both Gertie’s and the Train Show were a big hit with Mr. C; but all 3 of us had a BLAST. I was in awe of the amount of time that had to go into the trains and the models we saw. It was unbelievable all the tiny details each exhibit had! Model trains is definitly an all-or-nothing hobby. It’s so expensive. We saw trains for sale that cost $500.00 for one car! Sure, they did cool things though, like blew smoke and whistled and lit up, etc. The show had all kinds of exhibits and replicas of Mt. Rainier, Disneyland, etc. They even had workshops to learn how to paint/make rocks and trees and rivers etc. It was just so interesting!

The best part-there were hands on things for the kids to do too. They could run some of the trains and there was a train table for them to play with.

I could say lots more, but you’d probably rather see pictures! Here are just a few-go to the flickr site for the full gament.

4 thoughts on ““AAAAAll Aboard!”

  1. Ummm..Cooper is soooooo cute! Even in his nerdy overalls (we had a pair of nerdy overalls too that I liked much mroe than Lee). He looks a little like Nick S. in that first picture. Can’t wait to see him and you in person!!!

  2. Ha! You keep your kid stylin-cool, despite his train overalls!! He’ll never be embarassed of these family photos (unlike some big-bangs and leggins’ photos I have of myself……Mom? Where were you???) Tiff, you’re the best mom EVER!

  3. Now if Jeremy had had his Thomas the Train overalls on….that would have been nerdy….Cooper is just a little boy and TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!!!!

    Love the pics…..once again, hand the camera to Dad….would love to see some with/of MOM!

    Love you guys!

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