I think I actually have a post titled that not too long ago. I don’t know if it’s the Frog and Toad Chronicles I keep reading to Cooper (they are so his favorite), or the weather, or some kind of combination. But BLAH! I’m just going to rant…this slow seasons changing thing BITES. I miss the phsycho weather of St. Louis. It’s cold and cloudy here and I’m ready to see the sun and some flowers and go play. This is stinky.


I’m ready for barbeques and swimming, camping and smores, using the grill 3 times a week, opening the windows, turning off the radiators, shorts, short sleeved shirts, no more jackets, sunglasses, flip flops, driving with the windows down, smelling the ocean/mountain air, parties, watergun wars, Otis Redding, fireworks, festivals, carnivals, parades, loud crackling summer thunderstorms with eerie clouds, people driving with their music in their cars way too loud, lemonade, citronade! ….. 

Somebody send me some happy, sun shiny thoughts! What do you love about summer?


3 thoughts on “Happy, Sun Shiney Thoughts Anybody?

  1. Oh citronade, how my tastebuds pine for thee!

    I love: sandals, bare feet, summer camps, teens out of school, swimming, slurpees, sunshine, flowers, the zoo, parks, milkjug, ice cream, Tropical Moose, fresh fruit (especially peaches), bike rides, and driving with the windows down.

    I’m not quite as excited about: bug bites, having to bathe the boys every day (or potentially multiple times a day), having to shave my legs every day (or almost…) and of course, the inevitable blasted humidity. That’s one thing that’s way better about Seattle, Tiff!

  2. I love eating dinner outside on the patio, taking the kids swimming, fun at the cabin, and parties! Hate bathing suits and getting into a burning hot car!

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