Ok…So now I stand corrected. They sang it correctly the second time around last night (They did sing it twice). Now I just stand weirded out that they sang it. I’m sitting here wondering what to think. Jeremy and I just didn’t know what to make of them singing it.  I am so insulted as a Christian. What is “Idol Gives Back” doing having the contestants sing “Shout to the Lord” but CHANGING the words so that JESUS is never mentioned? That is so stupid! And then Ben Stiller goes on a rampage of cursing?

Don’t do that Idol. Don’t sing a song that was written as a Christian worship song and leave out Jesus’s name. I’d be copyrighting that issue….

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6 thoughts on “American Idol

  1. I didn’t see it, however we did TIVO it, so I will at some point. Sandy’s (from Joy FM) 11 year old said, “What’s with that?” after the song was sung and then Ben Stiller came on….

    After Chris Sly was on Joy FM and talked about how they “IDOL” was not Christian friendly, it was an interesting ending to Give Back. Sandy felt that it was very maniupulative. Chris Sly did say that there were at least 6 Chrisitians in the final 10-12 during his season…which I think was last season. The chat they had with him was very interesting….love his new song “Empty Me”

    by the way…..when are you going to start writing that book? Love your “An Aid in the Deep Waters of Christian Parenting”!

    Love you

  2. Hey Tiff, You have a very involved blog! I’m lost, I was hoping to sneak a peek at some of you family pics. But maybe you don’t have them on here. Can I see you ala the world wide web?

  3. I don’t know…I found that extremely interesting. I didn’t see it, but Lee did and he told me about it. I just watched th e performance on You Tube and I have to say, I’m a little impressed that they did it. Yeah, cutting out the My Jesus part is a little frustrating, but I’m betting that because this is a network show with network sponsors, they had to do that. I’m not sure about censorship and all that, but I would bet that FOX probably would not allow them to sing it exactly as written. But minus that, they were pretty openly and brazenly praising the Lord. I find that impressive and I have been praying that people were impacted by it. It will be interesting to hear what people say. I wonder how many of them are believers?

  4. Rob and I just went back and watched it on DVR. The beginning is the same which starts out “My Jesus, my Savior…”. They did make a new arrangement for the middle (which doesn’t bother me since the beginning makes it clear who the song is about) but they didn’t take out all references to Jesus. Then again, I watched it on tonight’s show and not last nights so maybe there was a different version done last night. Was it on both nights and different?

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