Check this out! My friend Tiffany Boren shared this tid-bit with me. They are called Wall Pops and they are a lot like Wallies in that they are peel-n-stick. Only these are much cooler!

It’s a great find because even though we technically CAN paint the walls, we would have to put everything back as it was given to us if/when we PCS aka move. (You gotta love military housing. And for a chance to peruse our house albeit empty, go to my flickr site and check out the set on the right hand side of the page) Stinko….

I really want to jazz up the walls..the white walls are killing me! So this is a very fun find. Thanks Tiff!

P.S. Jason or other computer smart-eze…I can’t get my link on flickr to work. I only want it to connect to MY pics on flickr…what am I doing wrong? I don’t get it!


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