Fun with my Momma! (and Army mini-update with dates!)

I bet you guys think something horrible has happened to us….he he he, but nope. My mommy is visiting and we have been having so much fun that I haven’t had time to write. It’s been great! We (well, my mom) are sewing curtains right now. HOORAY FOR MOMMIES! I’m a lousy seamstress-somehow that prowessness skipped me and went to my sissie.

Pretty Bama   I AM sad though, because she is leaving Sunday morning. I told her that I would love to keep her for another week, but I’d just keep on saying that week after week. So, we are trying to think of something super-duper fun to do tomorrow. We’ll get the big map out tonight and deliberate.

Our FRG finally had a meeting and we got a decent amount of information regarding Jeremy’s schedule for the next couple of months. Though, we all have learned that the minute the schedule is published/circulated is also the minute it expires, he he he he. Just remember it’s all subject to change.

Jeremy will be having a field training exercise (FTX) next week on post (March 31-April 3) and then he’ll have a 4-day weekend. This means that he’ll be out in the field and not home even though he’s on post. Then, come May they should begin getting the rest of their Strykers (I think they just have a couple now). May 12-June 11 is training on the computer/operating system for the Strykers. (that should be really cool)

June 2-19 they will be in Yakima doing training with the Strykers. (Coop and I will probably pay a visit to STL at that time.) He’s then off June 20-23 and then June 30-July 13 is his block leave* meaning his designated time to take some vaca if he so desires. (*this is still tentative and subject to change and we don’t know what we’ll do about this yet.) July 21-25 and July 28-31 they will be doing week-long field training exercises (FTXs) on post.

The good news is that he’ll be home on the weekends in July so we can still celebrate Coop’s birthday and our anniversary in between those FTXs. August and onward are fairly open for now. The only thing on the schedule is a training exercise August 25-29 and it doesn’t say whether it is on post or in Yakima. The calendar is completely blank from then on.

The captain said his best guess is that the guys will go to NICS/NTC (I hope those are the correct acronymns….I know Jer will correct me if not.) in the early part of 2009, i.e. January or February. That is when they go to either California or Louisiana for the month-long training that prepares them for deployment. He also said he guesses that the guys could get deployed as early as March of 2009; though I HIGHLY doubt it’ll be that early. Private News Network guesstimates it’ll be October of 2009.

Bottom line, we are hoping he will only have to miss 1 year of holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving and we for sure have the rest of 2008 with him. YAY! I’ve gotta run-curtains need hemming.