*…note to myself…don’t waste my emotional energy on liberal wackos who protest in a non-peaceful fashion. (They were a pro-socialism organization who’d like to see the U.S. turn in that direction. Nice huh?)

You know that post I was so ticked about below? The one about the big protest at the Tacoma mall regarding the military and the Iraq war etc? Well, it turns out it was about 20 people all under the age of 20 with black fingernails, crazy hair and piercings and a couple weird older people and one housewife who has some very grandeous theories about what a recruiter does to a soldier/s.

May I just say that all sales people are persuasive; car salesmen, furniture salesmen, cell phone salesmen, real estate agents…you name it. They’ve got something to sell and they are going to make it look as good as possible. It is your job as the consumer to do your homework so that you get the best deal. Do some kids who enlist make bad decisions; absolutely. But so do people everywhere. This is a volunteer Army.

Ok, I don’t want to step on too many toes here. I’m feeling negative energy from my blog and that’s no fun. We should start discussing happy thoughts. That’ll be my next post-promise.


2 thoughts on “Waste of My Emotional Energy

  1. I think that was pretty much the theme for the day. The dinosaur media tried to make all the protests look bigger then they actually were. I’ll just send out my big salute to Jer and all his comrades to thank them for all they do for us! The Starbucks

  2. Hey Tiff,

    It’s the O.T. here. Just want to tell you how wonderful you are! 🙂 Your passion for your man, your country and your God are justified. It’s almost laughable to find out that the mob was really the size of a kindergarten classroom! Don’t let the distortion get to you. I’m praying that most people have common sense.. sadly this is being challenged everyday… and will chalk those types of demonstrations as well as accusations up to the “extremist” peeps in our society and the “media view”.

    Think of all the other days of the year that go without an anti military/war demonstration. What a blessing those are. AND.. just thought of this lil’ funhy (might be funny to you, too, depending on if you are sleep deprived as I am at the moment) at least the military has a federal holiday in honor of it.. don’t see “Half- Truthed, Malinformed, Misguided Demonstrator’s Day” or “Spinster Day” being observed. 🙂 haha!

    Love you girl and I’m so pleased to be grouped together with you as a military wife. XO

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