me on the beach Hey everybody! Well, this past weekend was absolutely a quiet garden moment from start to finish. It was A LOT of fun. I am almost disappointed by my pictures though-I didn’t bring the camera out nearly enough. But that’s ok! The pics I did get are great. I put them on my flickr site-so check them out there for all the fun.

Friday was a crazy-filled day and Jeremy didn’t get off work as early as planned; but it still worked out great. We had a very nice car ride (Jer and I love long car rides together; it’s such good catch up time) out past Gig Harbor onto the Key Peninsula where the house was located. We stopped at McD’s for a quick bite and then we stopped at the gas station so I could get a little “Mad House Wife” to share with the girls. (Because a glass of red wine in a hot tub is always nice.) No worries here, we were very responsible. 🙂

Friday night was a blast. We played games, ate strawberry shortcake, talked forever and I even had some time to work on some embroidery. I think around 2 am we went to bed. 🙂 The next morning was the best though. The house was SO quiet as the morning crept up. All of us seemed to be in an other-worldly state as we realized that there were no children talking to us or beckoning us to get up! IT WAS GREAT! We had coffee and lounged forever. Some of us didn’t put clothes on until the day was 1/2 over! It was nothing but jammies and comfies! Have I mentioned it was great?

Tiffany Boren and I were attached at the hip this weekend. I LOVE YOU TIFF! She is SUCH a riot. We had so much fun getting to know each other better as we told our kid/hubby/growing up stories and laughed our booties off! And I guess I shouldn’t say we were attached at the hip; ’cause we be-bopped all over I think. Maybe we were both just very happy? What do you think Tiff?

Regardless, it was very fun getting to know everyone. I learned so much about my RVCC/WA girls! Everyone got along great and it was a wonderful chance to observe how incredibly different all these women are and yet how they fluidly move and interact together. I love how women have this beautiful ability to relate to one another; we aren’t perfect all the time but what a lovely and glorifying journey as we learn and adjust. Sorry for the mooshie-ness. I LOVE YOU GIRLS!

A super neat moment occurred on Saturday in the late afternoon. Tiff B. and I got our brave coats on and went kayacking out in the Sound. EECK! It was a rush and a thrill because it was a little scary being in this tiny boat and out in THE OCEAN with waves and birds and wildlife and really big boats and the water that was very cold and RIGHT THERE. We pushed off and paddled out into the bay/cove/inlet/thing and as we were heading out-into open water-I happened to look down. It was pretty deep, and yet the water was so clear that I could see down to the bottom.

Once we got the hang of balancing ourselves and paddling we really had a lot of fun. So we went farther and farther out. We came around this corner of the bay and it was like it all happened in slow motion. Let me set the scene a tiny bit more-it was 4:00 pm when we went out. The sun was working it’s way down, but it wasn’t sunset. It was cool and the water was SO still. I remember being struck by the utter stillness of the moment. The birds were dancing and swooping all around. And we came around this corner and there was Mt. Rainier in all its glory. It was magnificent and majestic, huge and towering above us like this very powerful thing. We were so moved that we just stopped and stared. It was a beautiful moment. But as we sat there just blown by the scenery, I turned my head to look another way and there he was…..staring at us just a couple hundred feet away (if that far); A HARBOR SEAL! He had just popped his head up and was intently staring at us almost like he was checking us out. It was a riot!

So I can’t remember what I said to Tiff, but it was something like, gasp softly “uh…Tiff…LOOK!” and just as she turned her head to see him he realized we were looking back at him. He was there for just a second more and then bloop! he was gone into the water again. IT WAS SO COOL! A seal totally sized us up. We were a little spooked at first and wondered if he would swim over to us and bump our boat. Which would be very bad because we were FAR from shore and those boats can tip easily and did I mention the water is FREEZING? We decided to head back at that point. We saw more seals on the way back but they were pretty far away and you could barely make them out.

We knew the seals were out there this weekend because every morning, we would see this; seals at wisteria hollow and for a closer look because that is a lousy picture, click here. Those are seals on a floating dock! Isn’t that funny?

After that harrowing experience, we had dinner and jumped into the hot tub for story time. Then after story time we ate raw cookie dough and watched the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Like I said, it was great.

This is now a really long post so I’ll stop. But it was so much fun! Thanks girls, thanks Crystal (we missed you SO much) and Shari for such a fun and replenishing experience.

One thought on “Wisteria Hollow Retreat Report!

  1. ok, so you win the contest on who posted about the retreat first. It really was so much fun. I love all the pictures you got. Is there a way for me to download your pictures to my computer? Just curious. Thanks Tiff

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