Thank you to all my mommy friends for your advice about the public bathrooms. I guess this is just one of those areas where I’m going to have to suck it up and prepare in advance for anything I could possibly face. I.e. I need to get a bigger purse, suck it up a little, and carry germ-a-phobe sprays. (And pray that my son will NOT be licking the bathroom floor? Kelli, it’s scares me when you say stuff like that because Sloan and Cooper are a lot a like…..)

Which reminds me, do you remember how huge your mom’s purse was when you were a little kid? I mean it WAS the 80’s (for most of us), and everything had to be big, but WOW! I was always amazed at the amount of stuff mom had in there. When all my girlfriends were getting married and having babies, my top wedding/baby shower favorite game was the “how many of the things on this crazy list do you actually have in your purse.” My sister-in-law Jen, always ruined it for all us girls though. She seriously carries a little tool box in her purse with a hammer and a screwdriver, etc. in it. Thank you Restoration Hardware…..

Mom, do you remember how we teased you incessantly about that one really humongo purse you had? It was beige and looked like a briefcase with houndstooth…..

P.S. And speaking of the 80’s, who totally loved American Idol? I was singing with them! I forgot how much I love 80’s music. I think Amanda should’ve sang a Joan Jet song though….


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