Ok,….seriously. This just never was such a quandry in my mind before I had a toddler.  I never thought about how a little toddler is very short and has the uncontrollable need to TOUCH all the icky-gross-yucky things that are in public restrooms. What do I do? Do I need to carry enough disinfectant to clean an entire restroom? “Oh, I don’t need a diaper bag for diapers anymore, that just holds my cleaning supplies!”

Today, we were at Michael’s. We went potty before we left the church so we should have been great for at least an hour. But when a toddler says “Mommy! I gotta go ppppooooottttyyyyyeeeee!” you don’t say no. So here I go, back in the back to the restroom. Oh gross and what a quandry.

Do I let him sit down on it? Do I lift the lid (OH LORD WHAT IS THAT!???) and let him stand up? And then when pee goes all over because I’m trying to hold him up because he’s too short and he’s wiggling-AH! Gross, gross, gross and a million times over GROSS!

I thought I was covered strategically by taking him potty before we went out and having him wear a pull up. (I seriously considered telling him to pee his pants rather than go in the public restroom and have the experience I thought we might have.) But no, he just had to go. It’s pretty bad when you wash your hands and you are pretty sure you got more germs washing your hands than if you would have ceased to spend one more second in THAT bathroom. ICK.

So, mommies….what do you do? Where are my germ-a-phobe friends on this one? Bethany, Crystal-HELP!


9 thoughts on “Public Bathrooms + Toddler=I NEED HELP!

  1. It is just gross. When he’s tall enough to stand, definitely have him do that…or have him stand on your feet while he goes if that makes him tall enough. Otherwise, I just have them sit, pee, wash hands the best we can, and GermX when we leave the bathroom. Nasty. Good luck!

  2. Here’s how I see it – you can call me gross – but it’s like they’re building up their imunities. Perhaps that is how I am able to not get completely grossed out by bathrooms. I just go through it and consider it a successful trip if I didn’t catch him licking anything (yes, I’ve caught him licking a public bathroom floor once). We wash our hands, move on and I hope that perhpas some of the bacteria that he acquired are just making him a stronger person in the long road. That’s the only way to make it through!

  3. I’m so with you!! Being the neat freak that Travis is, he wants to pick up every piece of toilet paper on the ground….which obviously I don’t let him do. He isn’t tall enough to stand w/o a stool so he sits, and I have him wash his hands AND use purell that I carry in my purse. It’s the best I can do!

  4. We used those disposable seat covers with Ashlynn and they were great! I thought I had gotten Cooper some Sesame Street ones. They even have a sticky strip like the table covers so they don’t fall in immediately. The problem we have had is that if Ashlynn doesn’t like the looks of the bathroom when she goes in, she decides she doesn’t have to go….which can then be another problem! It defintely is a challenge. You’re doing great.

  5. Momma-Marsha, you DID get us those seats. But I didn’t have them with me at the time. I’ve got to figure out a new systerm-either I need a bigger purse or Cooper needs a better functioning non-diaper bag! YAY SHOPPING!

  6. I understand….just when you think you get rid of the big bags and having to have everything! I used to try and fold a couple up in a baggie and keep them in my purse. At least that way I had one….the ones they furnish in the restrooms just don’t work very well with little ones that squirm around!
    Have fun shopping!!!!

  7. Lysol. Purse sized Lysol. (of course, the looks you get in restaurants when you whip out that aerosol cannister and commense to douse everyone, well….it’s a priceless part of being a mommy) 🙂

  8. I totally have the little lysol though Bethany! Well, what is that thing? It’s the Anit-Bacterial spray. But you have to let it sit for 2 minutes to be effective at actually killing the germs! AH!

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