Oh-my-lanta this was a busy weekend! WHEW! I felt like go-go-gadget-mommy by the end of the night yesterday. Today is a much needed reprieve and an excellent chance to get that re-charged feeling. Sorry for the boring title of the post though….I have a lot to do today but wanted to get the blog up-to-date.

For starters, the Northwest Guardian (paper here on post) had some nice things to say about deployments going down to 12 months instead of 15 this weekend. (FYI, for some reason, this is not the whole article. The newspaper has a lot more in print then the internet version. I don’t know if that’s a security issue but I’ll paste some quotes too.)

Now you may be tempted to say or think “whoo-hoo, what’s 3 less months?” but to an Army wife, that’s a big deal. I think it is finally setting into the minds of the generals that the soldier’s moral is deeply decreasing with such long deployments. They need a chance to recharge so that they can be an effective soldier. There have been so many studies on soldiers coming back from war and basically, we are learning that every single guy has some form of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) when they come home; just some have it worse than others. I hope that this shorter deployment will go a long way in helping to decrease the weight that these men and women carry in their hearts and minds as they are so far away. (Incidentally, praise God that Jeremy is in communion with the Almighty. No joke. It may sound weird, but Satan is attacking these soldiers and they are in desperate need of a Savior-as we all are.)

Here’s another neat thing the article said, “…measures the Army has on the table, such as requesting from Congress that Soldiers not be charged for rest and recuperation leave taken during deployments.” This would be awesome because this isn’t a regular job and I’ve long since thought it totally dumb that a soldier gets such a limited amount of vacation time when they do a job that is LIFE THREATENING, HELLOOOOO! (sorry….soap box.)

Anyway,…I have an FRG meeting tomorrow night (just a board meeting) and I’m really hoping to find out what the schedule is for the guys. I have a feeling I will have to go to the actual FRG meeting to hear from the Captain, but oh well. I’m very anxious for some news. The guys WILL be getting deployed, have no doubt. Jeremy will go. It’s just a matter of when and for how long. And while we are on the subject, please be praying for that if the Lord puts us upon you hearts.

Ok, on to other news; potty training is going GREAT! I LOVE AND ADORE not having to change diapers. Whoo-hoo! And Cooper is getting better and better every day. I think he is really enjoying it too. Now the biggest hurdle is public bathrooms….oh nellie. And not just public bathrooms, but just going to the bathroom at places that are not our home. I think he’s nervous about it and I can’t figure out why.

The draw-back to all this is that Coop’s sleep schedule has changed and it’s wearing me out! Mostly because I need to go to bed earlier than 11:30 pm every night. But I’ll catch on eventually and after I complain loud enough to get the information into my own brain. Cooper wakes up at 6:30 am EVERY MORNING. I know, there are lots of moms who work and are up anyway, and lots of moms who have kids that have always woken up at 6:30 am, but I’m complainging anyway. I want to sleep until 7. I am not perky in the morning and his happy little conversations;-while incredibly cute- have no cuteness at 6:30 am. Grrrrrr…..

Did you know that this Sunday is Daylight Savings? We spring forward this week! That’s crazy early! All I can hope for is that Coop doesn’t wake up any earlier. I remember last year in March/April when we first moved here I was stunned that the sun was up and shining at 5 am (and what seemed like 4:30 am too sometimes)!  Ah! That’s just too early. I have no worm to catch. Let me know when it’s 7.

k-I’m starting to ramble and I have things to do! You know me….I could go on forever!

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