Ok….the nineties were all about navy blue, hunter green and burgundy. Then it went into bright colors-but it was tacky. Then, it migrated into earth tones. I have been waiting for YEARS for happy, pretty, rainbow colors to be “in” and trendy. FINALLY, Pottery Barn has answered the call of my heart.

Have you SEEN the website? It’s all happy greens and yellows. Bright, pretty colors. Why can’t I win the lottery? All I can think is that thank goodness Target manages to take their cues from PB. (Which is why we call Targeeee “Pottery Barn on a budget”) If you’ll peruse the PB site, you’ll also see that they have the prettiest and most tasteful butterflies in a ton of their stuff too.

Anyway, that’s what I know for now. Jer is having a bad day at work today and will probably have to stay late tonight (sometimes Army stuff can be SO dumb).  Coop and I are be-bopping around this afternoon; we’ve got to run up to church and work on some fun things. It’s a laid back week and I’m trying to think up things to do because I’m slightly bored. Not because there isn’t anything to do….I just don’t want to do the things I SHOULD do. 🙂

Ok, TTFN. Gotta get the munchkin.

PT & Army Update

Potty training is going great. I keep meaning to update you guys on our status. It’s by no means “in the bag” but he is doing so well. My girl Crystal made a very witty observation about little C. (because treats just aren’t working for him). She told me to try using TV as a reward. Well, it WORKED! 3 days in a row now, he has gone #2 no problem at all. And has been great about telling me when he needs to go. Today was awesome, he was running around with some friends when he stopped and grabbed his bottom and said “OH NO! Poo-poo!” I quickly grabbed him and took him to the potty and we made it! It was wonderful that he recognized what it felt like to need to do that. I’m so proud of him! So thanks Crystal for your keen eye!

Now on Jeremy’s Army stuff, I’m sure he’ll post about it this weekend on his own blog, but today he is meeting the Sergeant Major of the ENTIRE U.S. Army! He was really nervous about it and concerned that he wouldn’t look good enough for the guy. But I’m sure it went fine. I expect him home in about an hour and can’t wait to hear how it went. I hope he gets a picture…..should’ve given him the camera – SHOOT!

I know nothing else though-Army wise that is. We are supposed to have a meeting in March and I’m eager for some news on whether or not a deployment is eminent. It’s so up in the air I think. I’ll deal either way-I just want to know!

So that’s us. Nothing on our plate this weekend. Just a relaxing weekend at home. The weather has been lovely the last couple of days here. The sun is shining and it’s been about 50 degrees. I’m sure the rain will be back soon, but in the mean time the break has been so delightful. I even opened the windows today!