American Lake-flower           Today, Jeremy was doing some Army training thing out in the woods over on North Fort across from company and the motorpools. He sent me a text message asking me to pick him up at 11:45 am for his lunch break. (One car family and all that jazz.)

So I knew where he needed me to go, but I giggled to myself a little that I didn’t get coordinates or something. (Incidentally, there is a pizza place on post that WILL deliver pizza to you if you can give them coordinates to where you are in the field. HA!)

When we were taking him back, Cooper seemed to really enjoy taking the truck in the “rocks” and all the fun that goes with off-roading a bit. (I had fun too.) I dropped Jer off and he directed me where to go to get out of this wooded area. As I was driving Cooper was talking to me about how fun this was, etc. He said, “don’t go over in those bushes mommy,” I laughed and asked him why not and he said, “it could be dangewous.”

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