Day #3 and we’re still hanging with the best of ’em! Yesterday was an accident-free day, so we took Coop to Target and got him Percy and James. What a treat!

Today has gone well too. He went #2 by himself both yesterday and today…so hopefully the accident on day one was gross enough that he won’t do that very often. In terms of accidents, I’m totally cool with #1. No biggie. But when #2 is sticky and all over…no thanks. Sorry for all you people who just visualized and threw up a little in your mouth. 😀

Just to be fair, Jeremy had to clean it out of Coop’s underpants. I told him it was only right. I was covered in both poop and pee for the first month of Coop’s life so I told him I really think we’re even. All he got was some spit up down his pants when Coop was 2 months old. In fact, I vividly remember a couple-day-old little Cooper wailing in the middle of the night as we changed his diaper and then had to dress his circumcision. He was screaming bloody murder and then proceeded to start peeing a lovely stream that went straight up in the air. Jeremy, being the dad who had a handle on the situation, jumped AWAY from the changing table with the brand new baby who was peeing all over while I ran TOWARDS the peeing baby and covered it with my hand while giving said husband and daddy a very dirty look. I digress……

I know I can’t claim “success” quite yet on this major parenting milestone. Jeremy asked me when Cooper is officially “done” and I confessed that I’m not really sure when you can claim it’s done. When it’s been a long time in between accidents?

Either way, we are happy. The weather report rumored partly cloudy with sun this weekend and 56 degrees. So that’s about the most exciting thing I can think of right now! HA!


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