Well, I WAS going to write about how totally awesome my husband is…but he already wrote about it on his blog. So I’ll just tip my hat to him and say, baby, you rock my world when you fix my stuff. MWA!

Now I turn to funnier things. Yesterday, my good buddy Shari (who has mad skills when it comes to finding totally awesome things to do around town) shared with me a hilarious and sensational website that cracked me up. In addition, this website immediately made me think of Joe and Kelli McGill. (not because you guys like disco music, but because you are cool and hip parents with Joe’s whole band gig and the fundie-undies and such) You guys HAVE to check this out and if you start one in St. Louis, I deserve at least a kuddos at the opening party.

Hooked yet? Well, it’s called Baby Loves Disco. Basically, it’s baby clubbin’. I kid you not (no pun originally intended there). It started in Philly and has apparently spread all across the country. There is one here in Seattle, but the closest one in the midwest is Chicago or Denver. The premise is that you have kids and don’t want to be an old fuddy-duddy parent and yet you want something fun to do with your kids. So why not rent out a club and have a dance party for the kids? Complete with a disco ball and 70’s and 80’s disco classics.

I know you can hardly stand it anymore, so here’s the link for it. Now, Jason Starbuck commented on my political and religious posts and how a post regarding sex was all that was left. With that, I add that this website has some…uh, adult humor on it. But it’s not dirty…it’s all in good fun. (I’m referring to the breast self-examination parties a.k.a. Check Your Boobies ad) Whew….makes me blush. So funny though…ok, I digress…..back to Baby Loves Disco.

This is a totally organized dance party. They even have a DJ! HA! Here’s a little exerpt from the “About” section of the website if you haven’t clicked yet….The fun spills out from all corners of the club: bubble machines, baskets of  scarves and egg-shakers, a chill-out room (with tents, books and puzzles), diaper changing stations, a full spread of healthy snacks and dancing, LOTS of dancing. But at it’s core, Baby loves disco is a community event that brings kids together with kids and parents together with parents. Started by professional dancer (and professional mom) Heather Murphy, the idea was to create an alternative to the pre-packaged world of entertainment for young kids. “We’re parents, we’re always looking for something new and different to do with the kids,” says Murphy whose lifestyle (like most of the baby disco parents) was changed when she gave birth to her 4 year old son Max.

There’s also mention of how Barney is banned-that just cracked me up. As did the picture of the big bouncer standing next to the stroller parking lot -HA! So I told Shari we’ve got to go. The dance parties here in Seattle are from 1-4, which is terrible timing…but you never know…maybe we could make it worth it. It sounds like a blast.


One thought on “No Fuddy-Duddy ‘Rents Allowed

  1. Oh Dear!! I don’t even know how to react. First of all, it is so funny to know that hip/trendy place made you think of us. We don’t feel hip or trendy at all…so thank you 🙂 At first I was all…this is really weird. But after looking at their site for a while…I’m really interested. HaHa, to bad I don’t have any spare time or money!

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