You know those commercials for Southwest Airlines where something terribly embarrassing happens to a person? I had that moment today-only without the embarrassing part. I was just angry.

Cooper did something he has never done before. In fact, I was a little in shock that he did it. I ran upstairs this morning and left him watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When I came back 5 minutes later to check on him, I instantly wanted to be lifted up and away. “Serenity NOW!”

You know those sippy cups with 2 handles and the little stopper in them? Well, the stopper has a tendency to slip out sometimes. Which means that rather than stopping the fluid from coming out if the cup is tipped,….it comes out freely. Well, apparently Cooper’s slipped out and he proceeded to sprinkle/baptize/cover the living room in milk. The DVD’s, the carpet, the couch, his toys-basically everything in sight. And OF COURSE, I was trying to go somewhere this morning.

I was so upset that he would do that; I sent him to a corner so that I could calm down before I dealt with him. I was so mad-I am surprised in fact by how mad I was! I stripped the cushions on the couch, pulled the pillow cases off and took the liners out of his toy baskets, sprayed them with shout and frantically threw them in the washer machine. (Thank you Jesus that my washer machine works.) I scrubbed the floors and the toys and the dvds. Then I dealt with the child.

I may laugh about this later (no….I really don’t think I will), but I was so ticked that he would choose to do this. And when I asked him why he did it he said, “because I couldn’t find Mommy” which I interpret as because you weren’t here to tell me no. AH!

I can’t believe how audacious that was. So I was and still am ticked. I am so ready for my MOPS meeting tonight-just so I can be sans child for a bit. Jeremy was shocked too when I told him what Cooper did.

BTW-Cooper’s punishment was a stern talking to, a spanking, that long timeout, and zero interaction with media for the day and night. It’s more punishment for me and Jeremy in some ways…but he’s already feeling the weight of what he did. And yes HFG friends…I told him WHY what he did was wrong…but I dunno.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..You other mommies who have these moments too are so encouraging to me. Thank the Lord this kind of stuff is well traveled mommy ground.


4 thoughts on “Wanna Get Away?

  1. I feel your pain. There are times as a mom when you look at your child, the apple of your eye, the fruit of your loins, the love of your heart, and you wonder if there’s any way you could put him upfor sale on ebay. Shall we start the bidding at .99 cents? Cooper is a lot like Sloan. Though they know the boundaries and have more common sense than they let on, sometimes they just can’t resist seeing how far they can go. You handled it well. Just remember it won’t be the last time you feel that fury. Let this one go and start laughing so you can be ready to face the next challenge!

  2. Not my sweet Grandson!!!!!

    Ask Jeremy about the vaseline on the wood floor in the hallway at Boehmer…..they did it so he and his brother could have a slide!!!!! Believe me, someday you will laugh about this!

  3. Oh I know that story. It’s the pride and joy of the nevils brothers to get a good belly laugh out of all who are listening and picturing their little legs in their footy pajamas as they slide up and down the hallway in vaseline and babypowder on hard wood floors….yes….you have a point. somehow that seemed “cuter”. But then again, I guess I should be thankful that I could just throw the couch in the washer machine….where exactly do you begin cleaning vaseline and baby powder?

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