If you’ve been atune to our family drama lately, you know we’ve had problems with the car and with our washer and dryer. Well, I gratefully breathed a sigh of relief and release the other day. The washer is fixed-apparently my husband has a magical touch. A dryer was given to us (however….mine is working for now) and the car was an easy and inexpensive fix too-just a new battery. WHEW….I’m still sending that letter to Maytag though because even if my dryer is working, I was still told the circuit board is blown. And that’s ridiculous for a brand new dryer.

I have to give all the glory to God and extend many, many thank you’s to everyone who helped out. Mom and Dad-thanks for getting the extended warranty on the washer-that peace of mind is priceless to me. And thanks to my friend Brandi for the dryer. It was a very sweet gift. I know I already said thanks to Crystal and Steph for letting me do laundry at their place, but hey-thanks again girls. 🙂

My heart is sitting lightly and overwhelmed with graciousness now. Jeremy is back from Yakima and Cooper is so happy to have his daddy home. It is amazing to see the difference in this little man from when his daddy is gone to the time he is home. I wish I knew how to put it into words-but all you moms with traveling hubbies get it; you know what I mean!

Jeremy goes back to Yakima in March and then on and off again every other month or so for the rest of the year. It’ll probably just be a new regular schedule for us. But it’ll be good practice for Cooper and I. We are praying Jeremy gets his E-4 in the next 2 months and that by the end of this year he’ll have his E-5! Those are big prayers and only God knows how it’ll all work out.

We were looking at the calendar and it’s interesting that my birthday is on Easter this year. Isn’t that hilarious? It’s super early this year and I honestly can’t remember the last time (as a kid obviously) that my birthday fell on Easter Sunday. But it’s fitting in a really neat way-this year I will have been a Christian for 10 years! HA! So neat that my birthday is the same day we celebrate Jesus’s resurrection. I am cherishing that thought this year. AND that means my good friend Marybill Andrews is thinking the same thing-because we have the same birthday! Love you Marybill!

Hopefully, the spring and summer will bring a new slew of visitors too. The guest room will be up and ready to go very soon. Now all that’s left is thinking about my little business. But more on that later.

Hope you guys have a good weekend!

P.S. We took a funny video of Cooper this morning and uploaded it to America’s Funniest Home Video’s. I’ll see if I can get Jeremy to post it for your viewing pleasure-it’s a crack up.


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