Another Update…

I heard from Jer. They are ok. They did close the Snoqualmie Pass because another avalanche happened. It’s amazing you guys-I’m so midwestern….I’ve never seen so much snow. 40 ft on the road alone from this last avalanche.

Anyway, the guys turned around to go through White Pass on Hwy 12. It looks like it’ll be  a better choice. Here’s the link from WADOT. Keep on praying!

Update-More Prayer Needed!

Jer just called-it’s 4:00 pm our time. They just left Yakima, however, the road conditions aren’t good. Wanna see? Click here…. Apparently, this is the news: Compact snow and ice. Westbound traffic is delayed at milepost 54 near Hyak and milepost 84 near Cle Elum due to a natural slide that occurred near milepost 51. WSDOT crew is on scene working to assess the exent of the slide. // Snowing with areas of poor visibility.

So with an avalanche already having occured, it sounds like it’s anybody’s guess as to whether the pass will be open for the buses. In addition, Jeremy said one of the bus drivers was just told his mother died suddenly a short time ago today. He had to pull over b/c he was so distraught. WOW.

Jer said that worst case scenario is that the buses will turn around, go back through Yakima, down through Oregon, back up into WA. Delightful…..

Please pray!