I just want you all to know that I’ve had that NKOTB song, “the right stuff” in my head since yesterday….even Cedarmont Kids “Bible Songs” didn’t help this morning….geeeezzzoooo.

Today, I have not accomplished anything (well, that means like beyond the “normal” stuff like unloading the dishwasher, making the beds, etc….). It’s 1:23 pm and I’m playing online rather than doing my “chores.” I keep telling myself I’m allowed to post on my blog and then I have to go be a good girl and finish my work. Cooper absolutley refuses to leave me alone when I’m on the computer. It drives me NUTS!

The guys come back from Yakima tomorrow. Jeremy has called a few times to chat briefly. He’s pretty sick (sounds like bronchitus) and there has been lots of snow up there. I’m planning on lots of warm things for him to eat and drink.  I’m not sure when to expect them tomorrow, but if it’s anything like it usually is….it’ll be pretty late. Our FRG leader (Family Readiness Group) decided to do a warm welcome for the guys. We are bringing hot chocolate and baked goods to the guys so that while they check their weapons they can have some treats. Just cause we love them. Isn’t that sweet? That’s fun stuff right there. No cost to them and just because. Ahhh….can you feel the love?

I actually can say that the longer Jeremy is gone, the easier it gets. It’s funny how the short abscenses are often more difficult. Cooper has not slept well these 7 days, but I figure what’s 7 days in the life of a person? He’ll be fine when daddy gets home-his world will again be at peace.

I was putzing around online today looking at news-type stuff (and I’m surprised more isn’t out there about the State of the Union address last night). I found 2 stories kinda buried in the World news section of Fox news that were really interesting to me…oh, wait, make that 3. I’ll put the subjects/titles here with the links so you can see if they interest you:

  1. Housing boom in Bagdad, Iraq as people return in droves-they pay CASH for their houses guys! Be sure to click the link to the LA Times too-it’s a more detailed story.

It was neat to see evidence of God still moving in the hostile countries where Christianity was born, that the German people are so committed NOT to let history repeat itself (a half a semester spent on nothing but Hitler and the Holocaust….WOW), and that people are moving back into Bahgdad-or at least trying to do it. I know a lot of people don’t agree with this war, but there are a lot of stories of humanitarian aid that wouldn’t have occured had the way not been opened to these people. There is good news out there concerning Iraq. We should be praying for those global efforts.

Today, I also found a neat online resource for all of us with little ones, i.e. preschool age. I always feel as a stay-at-home (and work my bootie off when I’m not blogging) mom that I should balance my time between the household and wifie-type stuff and between playing with and teaching Cooper.  I can tell when I’ve neglected him a bit because he acts so starved for a little attention. So I found this website that has printable worksheets to help you work on concepts with your kiddos. It’s called TLSbooks.com and it has some cute stuff. I’ve been meaning to work on shapes with Mr. C. He’s had his colors down pat forever (he even knows the weird ones like silver) and now he’s starting to recognize shapes and ask me to name them. He likes to say “see my triangle” and hold his hands together in the shape of a triangle. (I’ll wait while you try that.) He he he he.

I printed a couple of those worksheets out and thought Coop could color them etc. a bit. I was impressed with all the resources out there. You gotta love the internet!

Well, I’d better go work on my study for tonight; we are doing “Growing Kids God’s Way” (before you say anything, just let me say I’ve heard the warnings and we are all mature believers who know better than to be legalistic about stuff that’s not good. Take the good, leave the bad. ). It’s been very good so far, though we are only on chapter 2. So far we’ve discovered that I am a big sap as a parent. 🙂 Worse things could happen. Though all my girlfriends who had really, super-duper strict parents now praise them profusely for their stringent rules b/c they admit they were INDEED planning and scheming little things. Remind me of that when you see me and my tendency to flake. 🙂 He he he…

Off I go!


One thought on “All the Stuff on My Mind Today…

  1. Well, i have ” F-R-E-E, that spells “Free”, credit report dot com, baby!!” always going through my Mind… cool that you are learning the letters with Coop. Nate has a bunch of foam letters he plays with in the bath tub and it amazes me how quickly he pics them up. when he sees letters, he’ll point at them and go “A, B, C …” Pretty cool. Better nab some Baghdad property. Looks a lot hotter then the US markets!

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