Today, I had a flash back to fifth/sixth grade. My best friend was Melissa Dixon. We LOVED New Kids on the Block. We had buttons. BIG buttons-to go with our BIG hair. We wore them on our jean jackets. We had a lot of “flare” if you will. We had posters and every cassette tape they ever made. (All of which have since been given as White Elephant Gifts at Dave Williams Junior High Staff Parties along with my Amy Grant tapes and my Crystal Gale tapes-thanks Dave. Hey,  didn’t Dave Williams invent the White Elephant gift exchange? Thanks for that too. It’s given a home to several of my 80’s memorabilia.)

Melissa and I talked about Joey dreamily…ahhhhhh….those were the days. So today, when Yahoo News poked fun at how NKOTB is trying to make a come back, it was the best laugh I’ve had all day!

I wish I was near Kelli Stuart so I could sing all the songs with her and maybe even do the dances. My mom actually took my sister and I to a dance class so we could learn to dance like them. I will never forget you running man dance!

Tiff’s Sixth Grade ClassTiff’s Sixth Grade Class and Tiff             I don’t have a scanner, so here’s a bad digital shot of my sixth grade class. Melissa is in the very top/back row, last on the right in the blue and black sweater… I’m not happy and I’m in the second row, first on the left. I am wearing a long green sweater with my big hair-permed and curled. And with a snotty sixth-grade frown to go with it. 🙂 For a better look at the pic, go to my Flickr site.

Oh NKOTB….what memories you bring!


2 thoughts on “NKOTB-or Not 2 B?

  1. I must say, I had a huge crush on Jordan. When he would do that break dance spin thing on his shoulders (I’m sure there’s a name for that dance), oh my…be still my heart. I think he may have been my first celebrity crush come to think of it. Those were the days. They truly had the Right Stuff! And yes, I do still remember all the words!

  2. Hahaha, did you get to see them in concert? I did, it was the first concert I ever attended, isn’t that sad. I had the big buttons, the t-shirts, and I think even a pillow case. Sorry to tell you but Joey was in love with me and me only. You never had a chance:) Thanks for the laugh!

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