I am having a lazy Saturday morning here at home. A friend from my FRG just lovingly donated a dryer to us (thanks Brandi!); the dryer is my insurance policy in case my laundry mess doesn’t go as plan A,B,C and D are hoped to go. 🙂 Oh yeah…I guess I need to tell you guys about that since I keep mentioning it….

But first, let me tell you about my funny kid. Cooper just climbed up on the computer chair to sit behind me as I’m playing on the computer. He stood up behind me and wrapped his arms around my neck saying in his little baby voice, “I’m hugging you; I like you!”, then he proceeded to start rocking me. He then said, “I’m rocking you, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth” as he rocked me. Then he hugged me again and said, “I’m hugging you mommy, I keep you safe. No cars hurt you.” We hold him or his hand when we are in a place where he could get hit by a car. That’s where the “no cars hurt you” comes from.

So now that we are all a puddle of mush on the floor, here’s my laundry drama. We bought a nice set of Maytag washer and dryers in March of ’05 a few months before C was born. They are pretty nice and we paid a decent amount of $$ for these. They are front loaders-not the super capicty fancy ones, but still nice. Well, my dryer has not been working efficiently for a while. After the holidays, I had a guy come out and check it out and the circuit board is blown on the dryer – $600 to fix it! The next day-no kidding-my washer stopped working. It’s not draining the water out.

My mom went as my advocate to the Maytag store we bought these from to chat with them about these units. I’ve had to have them repaired numerous times in the 2+ years I’ve owned them. I think that altogether they’ve been repaired 3 times and that’s prior to what’s wrong now. The guy said they’ve never heard of any problems with these units and wouldn’t do anything.

I’m  not real thrilled about all this-because we paid a lot of money for them (in our opinion) and there just is no reason something this new should be so broken. So we are in the midst of trying to work out several options. These units aren’t even 3 years old yet and it’s nuts they would be so broken.

I’ve got a letter going out to Maytag (thanks for your assistance Shari) and I’m trying to work some other options too. But my heart tells me I’m just going to have to eat it and buy another set. But I just can’t get over how much we paid for these, the fact that they are still so new and that they are Maytags. Isn’t that Maytag guy always bored because nothing ever goes wrong with a Maytag? UGH!

Thank you to my girl friends Stephanie and Crystal who have very generously let me do some laundry at their places while we figure out this mess! Hopefully it’ll be over and done with sooner than later and I can have my laundry capabilities back.

Oh yeah! Heard from Jeremy last night. He’ll be home on Wednesday rather than Friday. Woo-Hoo!!!  


2 thoughts on “My Funny Kid and Appliance Woes

  1. Hey, if you don’t get Maytag to do something for you, there’s a column in Good Housekeeping for people like you, where a product fails way before it should, or a company doesn’t make good on a warranty, etc. You might want to check it out…all it takes is a short letter to explain your situation and they may choose to check into it and get the problem resolved!

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