I used to think that prayer was a very minimal thing; something akin to taking out the garbage or washing the dishes. It sounds awful, I know. But it was always something that seemed more like an obligation than an opportunity.  Sure it was something I need to do; but I didn’t used to look at it as something that I get to do.

My opinion has since changed (though a little reminder is often in order) and I find myself reading books on prayer and trying to learn all that I can about it. But ulitmately, my reading and searching can only take me so far. I’ve gotta dive right in. The most beautiful part of that dive, is that as I immerse myself in it, I see the need for more and more.

One such resource that I’ve found helpful for prayer are some prayer cards that my friend Shari gave our family, and others in our small group, last summer. They were produced by Family Life Today and are some very touching and helpful prayers concerning husbands, wives and children/grandchildren. I’m going to post them in the pages file, so check them out over there. I’ll post each individually.  I hope you find them as helpful and encouraging as I do.

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