I have been meaning to put this post up on my blog for a long time and keep forgetting. This is for all you girls who love to shop online.

I have a dear friend here in Washingon whom I think I’ve mentioned several times. Her name is Crystal and her and her family have been a treasure to us since we moved here. We can always count on them for fun times! Anyway, Crystal’s older sister, Selina, who is tres chic in every way, just opened her own business! It’s an online store that features all kinds of fun home accessories; it’s called “Posh Posada” which is spanish for a posh dwelling place or home, if I remember correctly.

Anyway, Selina is really great about finding those unique and special finds that we ladies so enjoy. You know what I mean, that one little touch that sparks up a room. Right now I am really wanting these cool sconces that would match the sheers in my living room and make it tres chic.


So be sure to check it out as you are roaming the internet. Hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Affordable “Posh”

  1. That was nice of you to write this:) Today she brought us dinner in the cutest basket from her business. I could definately see you using one all the time, so posh!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! poshposada.com is all about utilizing the ease and convenience of internet shopping to bring you stylish and affordable home decor and gifts.

    As people get a chance to come by my webstore, I hope they’ll take the opportunity to drop me note and give me their honest feedback and suggestions.

    If nothing else it’s an opportunity to support a mom-owned business!

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