I feel like this blog entry is a deep breath out. I’m home. But I feel torn. It’s bittersweet being here; bitter because we were reminded of how treasured our family and friends are and sweet because it really is nice to be in this space that we’ve made our home.

St. Louis was AWESOME and to all those we didn’t catch while we were in town I’m so sorry! It seemed like 6 weeks was forever long-but it flew by so quickly. I am actually very surprised over how many people we didn’t get to see while we were in town-whether those are people we didn’t see at all or people we didn’t see enough. đŸ™‚

I guess I should just give some highlights of our visit and Christmas since it was oh so much to take in! Here are some highlights, thoughts and comments/reflections on the past 6 weeks:

  • Cooper is such a big boy. He’s starting to use the “big boy” toilet more and more and his language progressed by leaps and bounds while we were in STL. I guess having all those people around-especially older children-really piqued his fancy.
  • Cooper was HILARIOUS on Christmas. This was by-far the “best” or most entertaining Christmas since he was born. Jer and I laughed so hard at how thrilled he was over the whole experience. He told us the presents were “hiding” in the paper. He seemed to really like opening them. Our biggest mistake was thinking that he would be content to let the present stay in the box, unassembled, while he opened other presents. No, no…it will be open fully NOW. He he he he
  • I realized that I’m some kind of hermit or something when I’m here in Washington. Somehow I’ve hunkered down and just been a clean freak or something. I gotta get out more. I was so busy every single day when I was in St. Louis that I was pooped at the end of a week. I forgot parts of myself if that makes sense. I was joyfully reminded that relationships matter more than clean houses.
  • A lot of grace was extended to us on the parts of many people. Thank you Hockenbury’s for your friendship and overwhelming grace. Thank you to all those whom we had overbooked our schedule with and had to bow out of engagements. Thank you to all those who sent verbal wishes along via family members etc. and thank you to all my girl friend’s who made me feel like Jeremy, Cooper and I have never left you.
  • Thank you also to my girls in Washington who still love and support me even when I’m far away. Steph and Crystal-you keep me going. Thanks for keeping in touch with me-you are a treasured part of our Washington experience and always will be.

I’m pretty long-winded and I could fill pages and pages with 6 weeks worth of stories. But I don’t know that you have time for that. So catch the blog later in the week and I’ll see if I can’t keep ’em short and sweet.

Happy 2008!


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