It snowed here in St. Louis yesterday–9 inches! It started out snowing at midnight on Friday/Saturday morning. By 11 am there were 2 inches on the ground. But the front really kicked up last night. I bet it dumped 4 inches in the first wave and another five in the second wave.

It was the best snow ever too because there was no freezing rain or wet stuff, it was just straight, powdery, lovely, fluffy, happy snow. The last few years here in St. Louis have been almost totally devoid of snow, so this was a real treat. In fact, it brought back very fond memories. The last time it snowed this much in St. Louis was December 24, 2002! That was our first married Christmas Eve. I remember we were attempting to get out of our apartment and over to our friends Amy and Andrew’s house so that we could pick them up and get to the midnight candlelit service. We weren’t sure we’d make it! But it was such fun maneuvering through the snow and then waking up to a beautiful Christmas day. It was bright and sunny and the snow glistened and gleamed in the sunshine. The same thing goes for today-the sun is out as bright as can be and the snow is shining like glitter! What a day! I LOVE snow-so this is a treat for me. And Cooper is loving it too.

Let’s see-so we went to the train show at Missouri Botanical Gardens-it was a BLAST! Cooper loved the trains and we even saw the Starbuck family there! Or at least a remnant of it – missed seeing you Lynn! Nate is SO big. Cooper was absolutely mesmerized by the trains. The theme was something with wilderness so the exhibit was set up like famous national parks. They did a replica of Old Faithful and the big lodge at Yellowstone and they did a replica of Yosemite too. The plants were very pretty and it was so neat to see how detailed the whole exhibit was. Afterwards, we had lunch at the south city Diner off Grand. Cooper crashed in the car on the way home. We were so busy!

Then yesterday was our Christmas Cookie Cookoff with my mom, my sis and my grammie. We made a TON of cookies. And actually, we have more dough to roll out and bake. Jeremy has promised to take care of those for us. We started baking at 10 or 11 am and didn’t stop till 5! We were tuckered out. But it was the perfect day for baking b/c of all the snow. This is our Christmas family tradition – we’ve done it every year for at least 17 years! Isn’t that NUTS? We laughed when we got out the recipe book we use-it’s a pillsbury book we picked up in 1990! HA! Was that really 17 years ago? Sheesh-I feel old.

I’m going to go throw all our pics up on flickr. Jeremy put a bunch up there too of his escapades in Yakima. So check it out!


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