Today, I am thankful for a successful Thanksgiving. Everything went very well-there are TONS of leftovers, drinks, and even an entire pie! The turkey was a tad dry and not as good as the one I made a few years ago-but it was good. People came and snacked (always serve appetizers so people don’t stand around the kitchen hovering for a morsel) while I finished up in the kitchen, and it was great listening to the stories and antics of a bunch of Army guys. I believe our last guests left at 10:00 pm or so – so I consider that success.

I’m feeling cabin fever a bit today – but the morning is young. I’m sure I’ll find something to occupy myself! Last night after dinner, Jeremy and I looked at each other with our sea of leftovers and just sighed. We decided to cover everything and put it in the fridge in the garage to be divided up later. I’d much rather do those dishes today then last night anyway!

Now we are on a countdown to St. Louis – we leave next Saturday morning. I can hardly believe that this time is already here! I think I’ve been living my life just to get to the next big thing; get through Halloween, get through EIB, get through Thanksgiving, St. Louis, Christmas, New Years and then get back to WA. So when I get back and get all the Christmas decorations down…I’m sure I’ll find myself standing in the living room thinking, now what? He he he…

This year, I would say that I am thankful for how God carried us through the last year-and-a-half of a crazy life; new career, new houses, new friends, new church, new state.  I am thankful for the way He worked everything out perfectly and uniquely for us – I see so many ways it COULD’VE gone and I am taken aback. And I am thankful for a supporting and loving circle of family and friends. Without you guys, this would have been a tougher journey. Thanks for surrounding us and carrying our loads. We love you!


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