Right now, I am sitting in our quiet living room, listening to the sound of the washer and dryer going. The house is dim – just the lights in the kitchen and on the Christmas tree are on. Outside it’s a chilly 43 and it is raining. Cooper is snug in his bed and will hopefully stay there for just a tad bit longer. Jeremy is at a junior high paintball outing. So now seemed like a quiet garden moment. Next week I forecast not really raging seas, but certainly a bit of choppy water-we have a busy week ahead.

One of our biggest goals in transitioning out here to Washington was that we would have a chance to create some new and lasting relationships and hopefully even share with them the hope we have in God-for those who are without hope. As we have gotten to know these young men, some with families but most without, I see even more so what their need for hope is like – and it is great.

At church, our pastors have been preaching through a 16 week series (or is it 12?) on prayer. It has been wonderful. I even hesitate to use that word because it’s been more than wonderful. I have wrestled with God each week and each sermon is a new level of wrestling with the truths presented. (To Listen, click here) Today, we talked about giving thanks to God. This week is Thanksgiving, so it seemed appropriate – and it was a humbling message.

My point in all this is that we are having a bunch of random people over to our house for Thanksgiving – it just seemed like the best thing to do. We want to share with those around us and give them a refuge on a special day and we want to give a time to connect in a home rather than being alone or in the stinky barracks. But my hope in all this is that hope is communicated. I don’t know what to do to make that happen – so I am just praying God would make it happen.

And I guess this post is here to ask you to pray too. Please pray that our home is a welcome retreat for them; that we connect with everyone well since it will be a hodge-podge of guests; and that none of us would be too terribly homesick. Pray for me as I try to think of some fun ways to keep everyone talking and maybe to even communicate the deep hope that we have in Christ. We would be so lost without the joy and the life He has given us.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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