Whew…so EIB is finally over. It’s such a relief. It has been a busy 3 weeks and Cooper has regularly whined “I need my Daddy!”. Actually, in those past 3 weeks or so, Cooper’s speech has really picked up – and so has his sense of humor. It’s already pretty clear he will be the class clown. He’s definitly got his Daddy’s charm-though the finess is not there yet! (He is a little rough with the ladies.)

Amongst other things, we’ve noticed Cooper talking in his sleep. That’s always funny. He climbs into bed with us in the early morning hours (like 4) and we just laugh at how he talks in his sleep. I can’t remember everything that he’s said, but the “I need my Daddy” has been one of them.

The other night when Jeremy was putting Coop to bed – we have almost nightly battles about staying in bed – he (Cooper) was whining about having his “foot in” the covers. He will often do this really funny-almost sarcastic voice (he has learned tone lately and his experiments with it are laugh-out-loud hilarious). Well, he was telling Jeremy he needed his “foot in” the covers and Jeremy was standing in his doorway telling him to do it himself. (That’s also a new thing-he needs help with EVERYTHING. Even the stuff he can very well do himself.) Cooper was sort of trying to put his foot in and he said in the aforementioned sarcastic tone “not working,…not woooooorrrrking!” Jeremy was trying so hard not to crack up laughing that he finally just went in there and put his foot under the covers so he could escape the hilarity of Mr. Sarcasm. I heard the exchange in the monitor downstairs and was cracking up.

The two-year old newly asserted opinions have certainly kept us on our toes lately. It’s hard to remember that these little people come to us not as blank slates-but as sinful little slates. It’s a challenge to teach them all those things like self-control, love, patience, gentleness, compassion, gratefullness and selflessness. But it’s also a challenge to not exihibit their bad attitude yourself at the end of a day when you’ve put up with it for several hours!

The newly discovered sense of humor and the experimentation with tones and sarcasm have helped to smoothe the frustrations out. So just as often as I want to pull my hair out I’m cracking up at the child. He’s so funny. Our little ham. I do have a gray hair though.

Next week, Jeremy will be in Yakima for 3 days; Wednesday am -he reports at 3 am -until Friday afternoon.  So since he’ll be out of town, I plan to really try to keep Coop and I busy. Play dates galore! That 4-5 o’clock hour can be so rough for Cooper. He is always anxiously awaiting daddy’s return. My glass door in the kitchen is perpetually marked with baby spit as Cooper presses his face up against it looking for daddy to pull up each night. It’s ever so cute.

daddy and coop with pumpkin goo


One thought on “He Speaks Sarcasm

  1. So, I was looking at thepictures, pumpkin carving….please tell me it was one of those safety knives for pumpkin carving!!!!!!!!!

    Love you!!!!!
    Momma M

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