My poor Mr. C is sick. 😦 Poor baby…nothing twinges a mother’s heart like a sick kiddo. But you know what? It did give me a chance to reflect on how much I looooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddd my pediatrician in St. Louis, Dr. McKinney…ahhh how I miss him. He is such an excellent doctor. Anyway, when we chose him as Coop’s PD, he gave us this handbook his practice put together and it has been such a lifesaver! I think he should print the thing and sell it! This morning, I was feeling worried about Coop’s phlegm so I looked up cold/cough in the book. It said that phlegm at the end of a cold is usually a good sign that the cold is almost gone…no need to worry if there isn’t a fever or the kiddo isn’t acting sick.

Whew….that kind of information is priceless to a mommy. It’s so great to be able to look that stuff up and save yourself all the trouble of phone calls and visits. Puts a mommy’s heart at rest.

edf_oct06_weekend_chicken_l.jpg   Today is a busy day! I just have a minute more to type before I’ve gotta get mooooooving. I wanted to tell you about a tasty recipe I tried last night…I know, my blog is getting to be more about cooking than about us! But I can’t help it! It was one of those recipes where I was really reluctant to try it…but it was sooooooooooooooo good. Here’s the link to Everyday Food Magazine where I got the recipe.

Now, I gotta tell ya. I didn’t have turmeric or that much chicken. So I substituted some fancy curry (from Penzey’s-the $$ one) and I substituted boneless, skinless thighs for the chicken…I think I used 6. Also, I added a little cornstarch at the end because I wanted the sauce a tad thicker (I used 1 T).

The point is…it’s a funky recipe that was really good. But it’s that sweet meat thing-so if you don’t like either warm fruit (Jeremy pushed the prunes aside…yes, I said prunes…it’s good though-just look at the recipe) or sweet with your meat then you won’t like this. We LOVED it though. Even Cooper and Jeremy! I served it with roasted garlic and olive oil couscous and roasted yellow squash and zucchini…it was killer.

Ok-gotta run! Busy day today.


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