img_2226.jpg  Well everyone, this is the picture I submitted to the St. Louis Post Dispatch for the recipe and one-paragraph story I sent in to the “Let’s Eat” section! It’s kind of funny how it all went down. Here’s the scoop:

My sweet mommy knows I like to cook and she does too, so she sends me clip outs of recipes. I can almost always guarantee that something from the Post’s “Let’s Eat” section will be in the clippings. It’s her little way of letting me know she is thinking of me and keeping me in touch with home.  So I thought…hmmm, wouldn’t it be funny if I sent a recipe in to the paper and she saw that it was printed in there? I figured the worse the paper could say to my recipe was “no thanks” so I did it.

Well, just a couple days later the editor for that section of the paper wrote me back saying she loved my recipe and my mini story! So I’m getting printed in the October 17th edition! I think that’s a Wednesday…but hey, I feel special.

Pretty neat to have a brush with fame! I can’t wait to see the copy. So for those of you in town, be sure and pick up the newspaper on October 17th!

P.S. The recipe is for “Chicken Noodles and Fluffy Dumplings”


5 thoughts on “A Brush with Fame

  1. Hey Tiff! How much fun is that? Totally awesome! I love the picture, too – can almost hear your wonderful laugh along with it 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the article in print.
    Love you.

  2. Hey Tiffie! Congrats! I think that is great. I read the Let’s Eat every week so I’ll be looking for you. I will also try your recipe.
    you should send in your Bannana Cake recipe also. Love you and still miss you girl!

  3. I agree with your Mom, love the picture! I’m so blessed to have 2 beautiful daughet-in-laws!!! Look forward to seeing the recipe. I agree with Laura….the Banana cake recipe should be in there too…especially the pictures…or better yet, Cooper’s Monster Truck cake!!!!

    love ya!

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