Cooper….SUPERMAN!      Whew! It is pouring down rain here in Washington today. It’s not too chilly though – in the 50’s or so. Anyway, it’s certainly a day for eating soup or stew, drinking coffee or hot tea all day long, etc. A very autumnal day all around.

I don’t have tons of news, just a quiet day here in our home. Jeremy is not very busy at work right now and he is approaching a 4-day weekend – woo-hoo! After that he starts his EIB training. (Expert Infantry Badge) It’s a tough test and I think he said they actually take it that first week of November. He’s nervous about it. I told him this morning that he should put a post out here explaining all that it is and how you could be praying for him, so be watching for that post.

Also, I put new flickr pics up. Cooper is going to be superman for Halloween and there are some serious cute pics out there. Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch and that was a lot of fun too. We got a fifty pound pumpkin and then a smaller one. But get this, we only paid $11.00 for our 50 lb pumpkin! Isn’t that nuts? Apparently, the difference is that there are two kinds of pumpkins; carving pumpkins and pie pumpkins. (You can tell by the way it sounds when you tap it) Carving pumpkins are way cheaper because they don’t have as much goop inside. Neat stuff huh? So yeah,….be sure to check those out by clicking on the link on the right that says Family Photos.

That’s it – I’ll update ya with more later. I’m making beef stew today…mmmmmm….

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