I’m so excited! I find myself feeling very shallow about this – but I am so excited because Grey’s Anatomy starts in 2 weeks! HA! I think I almost forgot about it this summer with all the moving and such. But man…I can’t wait for this next season. It’s going to be QUITE interesting. What will it be like without Dr. Burke? How will George fit in with the new interns? Will he and Kali make it? Izzy needs a new love interest if you ask me. And what will the show be like without Addison? Will we the audience, be satisfied if Mc. Dreamy and Meredith finally hook up and work out their weirdness? Or is it better for them to be at odds and string us along with that glimmer of hope?

In defense of my shallow feelings – I’ve just gotta say that who doesn’t love a great story that just keeps going on and on? Sure it’s chocked full of junk…(though not nearly as bad as 1/2 the other shows on tv) but I liked the little quote on the YahooTV video I watched today. This gal said that part of the lure of the show is that there all these people who have successful careers saving the lives of other people, and yet through the show we see that they are the ones who need saving.

I love that – because it’s a lot like real life. We are all in need of saving. We all need a place to fall. It’s just part of the whole story of all of life. These people think they have lots of power but they are constantly faced with how powerless they really are in life. That’s good stuff I tell ya. And I still love Izzy’s statement in a season passed “because that’s what Jesus would freak’in do!” he he he…yes it is our misguided Izzy.

Plus, I HAVE to like the show…I live here in the city that the show is about! AND, I just found out today that the channel 4 news here in town – Grey’s uses their helicopter pad for the shows helicopter pad scenes! How cool is that? And that ferry crash from last season, my mom, Jeremy, Cooper and I all rode on that ferry a couple weeks ago. So that’s just plain fun.

In the end, it’s all meaningless. Like the summer flowers that whither in the winter…But don’t you still enjoy those summer flowers every year?

Well, I’ve made myself feel better. (if however sheepishly) I’m still excited about September 27. I’ll have to make sure our popcorn supply is well stocked. Happy watching!


2 thoughts on “Living in the “Grey” Areas…

  1. We’ll be joining you 🙂 It’s the 1 hour a week that we sit down together and watch tv– this will be just like when I’d come down to your house and we’d watch together. Except a little farther away now 🙂

  2. Gasp! Can it be? Bethany Hockenbury left a comment for me! YAY! Just don’t call me and tell me what happens – I’m 2 hours behind you…so you’ll be way ahead on the scoop on a weekly basis. 🙂 Miss you friend! If I was home, we’d do dinner too.

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