I am going into little withdrawals not being “connected” to my blog and my flickr site! But we have been so busy getting the house set up and doing all those little things that come with moving. We’ve been enjoying some family visits too – what a summer! I am getting more excited with each passing day of August because this fall promises to be a busy time too. Our MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) planning retreat is this coming weekend (girls only!), we have more family in town and our FRG (family readiness group -ARMY thing) is just getting started. (Did I mention I’m doing the newsletter for the FRG?)

Most days, I am swinging between encouraged excitement over all that is ahead and the promises I feel we are moving towards or a sense of being overwhelmed by all that needs to be accomplished by September 1! This weekend was a major step for us in keeping me on the encouraged and excited side of things. Jeremy sweetly did a HUGE list of honeydo’s for me all stinkin weekend. (And with a delightful spirit might I add) My home is almost in order – at least in appearance! I felt such a release having things done. We have curtains on the windows (soo pretty) and pictures on the wall. Things are getting a new “home” so that everything has a place and everything is in it. It’s GREAT!

I must say, that I never thought I would be so busy after quitting my job. At the end of the day, I’m just as tired as if I had a day of craziness at the office! But I feel more free – more me.

Cooper had his monthly Parents as Teachers appointment the other day and it was immensely helpful to me in a lot of ways. (Parents as Teachers is a program that exists to ensure that children are school ready) Candice (Cooper’s PAT lady) is always so sweet. She said Cooper is doing great and is excelling in many areas. She said he’s quite advanced in his language abilities and was impressed that he knows many of his colors and is starting to use the potty. It’s always nice to hear that your kiddo is doing great! It is exactly what a mom needs as a little pick me up and vote of confidence that the daily grind makes a difference.

She was also very encouraging to me with my questions about Army wives and how things on post work in terms of making friends etc. She told me to put myself out there and take the iniative – don’t wait for someone to come talk to you because it probably won’t happen. Bummer – so Army life is NOT like the TV shows portray. At least not so far…maybe later. đŸ™‚ It was what I needed to hear though and gave me motivation to not be shy. (not like I am though….)

K-I gotta run…sorry to cut it so short but we are going downtown today to play! Thanks to my in-laws for lettting us use their laptop and if I don’t get another post up before tomorrow then just pray that our computer stuff comes together soon!



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