I’ve heard lots of great stories about embarrassing things children say and do when they are out with their mommas. Kelli Stuart has some pretty good ones about Sloan announcing to the world that he has to poop while she was in the grocery store. So I’m at least glad I’m not alone with the story I’m about to tell with Cooper. And although I am not alone I’d love to know what to do about this…..

Cooper is talking a ton. Yet he still has a lot of baby words. He muddles his consonants mostly. So “t’s” are “f’s” and yet “f’s” some how stay “f’s” but “l’s” are lost in translation. So one of his biggest struggles is the word “truck.” For some reason, he makes the “t” an “f” and sometimes drops the “r”. Yeah…..I’ll give you a second to realize what that word is. I blush everytime he talks about trucks….geez….sailor.

The problem is that he LOVES trucks. And he likes to say “Oh, Mommy, big truck” in the car everytime he sees a big truck.  And it’s fine when it’s just me and Jeremy around. We correct his little speech slip up and try to emphasize “T-ruck,” but he just says the mistaken version more then.

Do I ignore the mess up so as not to bring more attention to it? Do I just keep on correcting him? Will this pass soon before I’m out and he says it really, really loud and everyone turns around to see the cursing two-year-old? WHEW! I know this is all very innocent…he doesn’t know that word and certainly doesn’t realize he’s saying anything other than truck…But man, what’s a mom to do?

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