I’ve posted pics on my flickr site of the new house! Check ’em out and pray for our move tomorrow morning. It’s 11:00 pm here and we are still packing stuff up because we were soooo busy today taking ownership of the house and getting the u-haul…it was a crazy day. I’ve had terrible migraines the past couple of days; but I’m sure it’s just excited stress.

The house is gorgeous and really big. The neighbors kids are incredibly friendly,….though I’m not so sure about the neighbors (more on that later!). It’s very big – the master bedroom is especially large.

We are moving everything from our apartment tomorrow and then on Monday the movers bring us all the rest of our stuff. And as gripy, whiney, and annoying as I’ve been while I’ve complained about how everything has gone down – it couldn’t have been any better. Having my MIL in town has been a lifesaver. Cooper is soooo thrilled to have his cousin here that he barely notices we are even moving! They are having such a blast and man…are they ever cute.

So, tomorrow I’ll be unplugged for a while. No access to the internet… Whatever will I do?

In the mean time – our new address is as follows: (call Tiffany if you want it). Our phone numbers are the same – no change there. Call if you need me because I can’t check email.

Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. I’ll be sure to keep the camera as handy as possible so that I capture the moving action and the setting up of the house. Can’t wait to hear what you all think.

I love you all sooooo much! Thanks for your prayers, encouragement and love.


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