Well, I hate to be a big old rain cloud, but like I said yesterday, I am seldomly delightfully surprised with the Army.

 Katy said today that we can  “maybe” move in this weekend but all the paperwork we signed said Monday the 16th. We won’t know ’til Wednesday if it’ll work out to move early and if it does we’ll have to do some paperwork. It all depends on the guy who is working on the house now. If he finishes his work AND the cleaning crew can get there before Friday, then we can swing it. Katy said that the guy who is working on our house is really good and she explained to him why we wanted in early. So she thinks he will work with us and she said he has worked with her in the past.

Fun news – we can paint! And there is a lawn and garden center on North Fort where I can rent lawn tools (shovels, etc) and they will give me FREE fertilizer, grass seed, and dirt! YAY! So I thought that was neat.

No pictures of the place still and no walk through yet. But we’ll hopefully have some pics up by the weekend. It is a totally renovated unit and bummer deal – they covered the hardwood floors with carpet.

Thanks for all your prayers and for telling me to snap out of it and quit having a pity party. Crystal – I really appreciate your encouragement today…thanks for letting me whine and fuss.

More as the week continues! Seattle is expecting record-breaking highs this week so hopefully me and some friends can seek some relief at the apartment pool. I miss AC!


One thought on “The Verdict is Still Out….

  1. Oh and I told Jeremy that once we get the house, I’m taking pictures and developing them and handing them in to the housing office so the other people who are waiting can actually see what they are waiting for! The waiting list for our neighborhood jumped up to be waaaayyy long. So I know a bunch of people are waiting to move there.

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