I’ve got pics from my St. Louis trip up on the flickr site now! You can click on the set in the column on the far right of the page and watch a  slide show or you can just scroll through.

I also put the pics up from our trip to the Seattle Aquarium yesterday. It was a gorgeous day here in Washington – hot actually! But the water in the sound is so very cold that when the breeze kicked up across the water it was oh so nice. I don’t know that I’ve ever been anywhere where the land is hot but the water is cold. There is nothing better than standing there on the waterfront, looking out at the sailboats and the mountains in the distance, then having a cool breeze cool you off. I wanted to be out in the Sound on one of those boats so bad! Incidently, we saw that you can take a sailboat ride that is 1 and 1/2 hours long for $25 per person. Not too bad.

We saw jelly fish in the water – which was crazy. I just didn’t expect to see anything in the water so close to the shore.

We didn’t take pics of everything down there…I should’ve gotten a pic of Ivars and a couple other things. But all in all, it was lots of fun and such a beautiful day to just walk around.

The aquarium was really neat because it is partly outside. They have huge doors that open out onto a pier so the breeze blows in. We saw some neat fish and we got to touch starfish and such. I was scared to touch the Sea Urchins or Anenomes!

One of the coolest things was the jellyfish ring aquarium. It was a big circular 3-d tank that went into the floor. You could walk through it and you could see tons of jellyfish on a 360 view. It was schnazz. Then they had 2 octopus in these funky tube-like tanks. Again, the 360 view of them was the neatest part of the exhibit. Usually the animals are hiding in some corner in the back of their tank…but not here!

We also learned a lot about salmon and birds. It was cool. And how can you pass up seeing hot pink fish?

We had a great time just perusing downtown and all that it has to see. We want to go back and just explore more often because there is so much going on down there! It’s such a bustling place with so many great shops.

We can’t wait to have our visitors here and take you all around this neat place!


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