This Nevil family is all back together again. 🙂 We arrived home at 11:00 am on the money this past Saturday morning. (Accounting for the time change it seemed like it was soo much later in the day.)We had to get up at 3:00 am to get to the airport on time for our 6:25 am flight. And wow, thank God we did get there on time. I guess with the fourth being smack-dab in the middle of the week, everyone was going out of town. The lines were really long at security (30 minutes at least). Hard to believe any place could be that busy so early!

I couldn’t believe it, but Cooper actually slept on the planes. I was so glad he did too. He was fine from St. Louis to Minneapolis, in fact, we had the sweetess flight attendant who gave Cooper a certificate that the Captain signed! But when we switched planes to fly to Washington, he was not a happy camper. He was sooooo tired. I felt so bad for the poor kid. And you know, one guy who got on the plane had the nerve to look at Cooper, stoop down and tell him to schoosh. What a jerk! The stewardess came over several times asking me if I needed anything or if something was wrong with Cooper. I said, “no, we’ve just been awake since 3 am. He’s tired.” I was so mad, I just wanted to stand up and announce to the airplane, “HEY! You were all little children once too who were tired and crabby and you know you have your moments so take your crabby attitudes and chill out! And God bless your mothers who put up with people like you that have crabby attitudes!” So there….

But, I didn’t. (I’m so bold in my head) One nice man switched me seats though because he had an extra seat that was empty next to him. So God bless that guy! Cooper curled up in a ball and fell asleep as the plane was gaining altitude. Poor little guy. I was glad to be done with that flight and Cooper was so happy to see Jer. In the car the past two days, Cooper just sits in his carseat and says, “Daddeee, Daddeeee, Daddeee” over and over again like he’s celebrating that Jer can hear him say it. So cute!

Coming home was really hard – harder than I thought it would be. When I walked in the door of our apartment, I guess I thought I’d feel that sense of release and that “ah, I’m home” feeling. But I didn’t. I cried all afternoon. Being in St. Louis without Jeremy was hard and being back here in Washington was hard – and that disappointed my heart a bit. But Jer and I had a great long talk about it while I cried and cried.

It was good to see everyone and I’m glad I got back – as spontaneous as the trip was. I’m now really anxious to move and thankful that it is so very close. I keep thinking that once we move I’ll feel more settled and like I can really allow my heart to grow down some roots and let go. Jeremy has the next 3 days off so we get to just play as a family. We wanted to scoot over to Long Beach off the coast of WA, but it’ll be too expensive for us. So we’ll just bum around town with friends. Maybe next summer we’ll get to take a nice family vacation out there.

I have a lot of thoughts after my trip, some encouragements from God, some discouragements from people, some lessons learned and some things I’ll remember to take note of next time.

I have a ton of stories to tell and don’t know how interesting they’ll be to everyone. How much do you really want to read? One notable thing though – Cooper started talking in sentences last week. He has started saying “I” etc. In the pool one night (which the kiddo just loved much to my surprise), Cooper said “I throw ball!” My mom and I were shocked and just laughed and laughed because he said it very seriously and very loudly. From then on, he just kept on talking in sentences. Short ones you know…but still. Today he said “my cheese”! I’m so proud of him. And on Saturday night he said “bulldozer, wow, cool!” Ever since then he walks around the house saying “wow, cool!” to all kinds of things. It’s very cute.

I’ll upload my pics to the flickr site today…though Jeremy just IM’d me and asked me to do something…so we’ll see how much time I have. It’ll be either this afternoon or later tonight that they’ll be up.

Thanks for all the prayers and visits and so sorry I didn’t get to see so many of you. Time is so short.


One thought on “Heart Pangs and New Words

  1. Sweetie, we had such a wonderful time sharing with you. Your family was so glad you where able to come visit and look forward to more.

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