Ok, since I can’t obviously do this at my wedding, somebody I know needs to get married. And I need to be in that wedding, or at least invited. C’mon Katy Chole! Amy, will you choreograph for us?



2 thoughts on “I need to be in a wedding!!

  1. You know what is so funny? My sister’s orginal plan was to have us dance to that song at her recpetion. We vetoed it:) You can take my place if you want to. I hope you are having fun and I’ve been praying and thinking about you. I miss my new friend:) Have a great time and enjoy your family and friends! Love ya!

  2. They had the couple and part of the wedding party that did the Thriller dance on Today or GMA one morning when I was off. They had their dresses on and I think the guy had his Tux on….they really worked on it a loooooong time. It was very cool. The bride had a little more trouble moving in her dress, the groom was really into it.

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