This week, starting tomorrow, Jeremy will be gone on an urban field training exercise. He’ll be home Thursday evening. We can’t talk to each other while he’s gone. 😦 Then next week, starting Tuesday, he does a sniper selection thing. (There are 18 guys and 3 slots! Jer says he doesn’t think he’ll make it, but he wants to do it so that he gets a taste of Ranger school, which he plans to do sometime in the next 12 months.) He’ll be gone until 1:00 am on Friday. Blah. I can’t talk to him that week either.
So with all this leaving he’s doing,…my mom and I started scheming. We’re splitting a plane ticket for me and Coop to fly home! YAY! (thanks mom and dad)

We’re getting on a plane Sunday afternoon (the 24th) and get into town very late that night. Then we’ll fly home early, early, early on Saturday the 30th. I’m super excited about the trip because my mom’s birthday and my mom-in-law’s birthdays are that week!

So who needs furniture when you could fly home for a whole week to be with family and friends? The Parmesan button-tufted chairs are all sold out anyway…..they were pretty…

I’m very excited to be home and to get a little relational lift. (I LOVE YOU AMY!) Plus it’s quite cool in lovely Washington; one week of 100 degrees with 100% humidity should get me a nice tan. 🙂 And since mom and dad have a pool, Coop and I will enjoy lots of time with the puppies outside playing in the water. (I know mom, the dogs are NOT allowed in the pool.)

I went and bought Cooper a couple swim suits and some arm floaties at Target. And now I have to go buy a swimsuit this week because mine is in storage. And shorts? Unheard of! It’s barely broken 70 degrees here…I’ve gotta dig up some summer clothes!

I know I’ll only be there a week, but I’ll squeeze in everything I can. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone and say hi! So meet me in St. Louis next week.


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